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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Stocked Up

Since I was still hungry when I left you all last night, I decided a saltine peanut butter sandwich would be in order.  Well worth it.  I went to bed satisfied.

Despite staying up and watching TV in bed until 1 a.m., I was up bright and early by 8 a.m.  I think I actually like waking up without an alarm clock.  I decided to go with a sliced red apple drizzled with almond butter for breakfast.

I have officially decided that I absolutely do not like almond butter.  I ended up scraping it of most of the apples best I could but could still taste it.  I think the dryness and stickiness majorly throws me off.  It’s just too overwhelming.  So whatever, I’m a peanut butter girl.  Who cares?  Not me because I LOVE peanut butter.

We set off this morning to head to my eye appointment and I received great news that I can ditch my glasses and put my contacts back in.  Ah, it makes my life so much easier!

We celebrated by going and grabbing some Panera Bread.  It was right at the verge of brunch and lunchtime.  The hubs opted for a sugary breakfast pastry treat and I opted for some lunch.

Half a tuna sandwich with onion, lettuce and tomato with a cup of Garden Vegetable Medley and an apple.

The Garden Vegetable Medley was great!

I ended up saving the apple for a late afternoon snack and was glad I did!

We needed the fuel for our major grocery shopping trip and we burnt all of our fuel up.  Between going back and forth between Natural food stores to running into 5 different stores for ingredients, we are whooped.  We started out at this awesome place in Louisville called Lotsa Pasta because we recently heard they had great frozen pizza dough so we ventured in.  We’ve been here once before with some friends but didn’t make any purchases.  Today we bought some of their signature marinara sauce, pizza sauce, a block of Parmesan cheese and two balls of frozen whole wheat pizza dough.  Get this… the pizza dough is only $1.59 each!  How great of a deal is that?  Their marinara sauce was only like $2 so we walked out only paying $12 for everything we got.  I even snuck in samples of their hummus wraps, Cajun crab and sun dried tomato spread.

We then actually headed to Rainbow Blossom right across the street to pick up some Crispy Puffed Wheat Cereal and Brown Rice Syrup for the homemade peanut butter granola bars I’m going to make later today or tomorrow.

Then it was off to Whole Foods (my fave) for some more ingredients for the granola bars and a few random items along the way like two 3 lb. bags of clementines (they were having buy one, get one free.  Can’t beat it), alfalfa sprouts (a first for me, ever!), asparagus (my favorite veggie as of late), and Puffin cinnamon cereal (another first)… along with all my other ingredients for the granola bars like raw pumpkin and sunflower seed, finely ground flax seed, unsweetened coconut and rolled oats.  Whew.

Then it was off to our staple Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart trip.  I think we have both decided to forgo Wal-Mart from now on.  At least the big Wal-Mart’s.  It’s too crazy there and I’m way to A.D.D. for all the people.  I find myself running down each aisle a million times to find all the things on my shopping list because there are too many people.  So we figured the Neighborhood Wal-Mart Market will be the way to go from now on.  We went there for the first time last week to pick up a couple of items since we were out and about where one was located and it was so much cleaner, well-organized and not busy at all.  It makes a huge difference.  So bye bye mainstream Wal-Mart.  We hope we won’t be seeing you soon.

Look at all of our goodies that we brought home.

This still isn’t everything. We did end up getting chicken, flank steak (Obvi), and top sirloin round for a roast.  I definitely love meat but the hubs needs it at every meal.  I, on the other hand, think I could go without it more.  But I do like it and that’s why I eat it.  I did pick up some Morning star vegan “sausage” patties for breakfast.  Hope I like them.

Fridge Before:

Fridge After:

Cabinet/Pantry Before:

Cabinet/Pantry After:

I would stay we are stocked up. We are good for the whole month now.  I know some people can’t imagine shopping for a whole month but I can’t imagine shopping from week to week.  I never know what we’re going to be in the mood for and a week at a time takes so much more planning on my part so I get everything I know we’ll use for the month and go from there.  We might have to go back to the store for little things throughout the month like milk or bread but we pretty much are good to go.  And this gives us no excuse to say “We have nothing to eat, let’s just go out”.  Ya hear?

I’m really excited about buying this new Special K cereal that is out and I sampled today.  It’s low fat granola and it’s DELICIOUS.  The hubs already ate a bowl and gave it his seal of approval.  This will be my first experience with granola cereal and I think I’m going to fall in love.  We now have 4 boxes of cereal on hand so we are good to go.  I also bought some Whole Wheat waffles for good measure and a hot breakfast on the weekends.

Ok ok, so I won’t keep listing all the items I bought at the store even though I’m super excited right now.  You’ll see them in all of my meals soon enough.

Oh and I went and picked up my race packet for the 5k tomorrow!  I’ll be laying all of my race gear out tonight so you’ll see pictures either tonight or tomorrow.

After getting home and unpacking our enormous amount of groceries, organizing and all that it was time for an afternoon snack… my apple from earlier.

And some of my trailmix.

And I’m still hungry.  It must be because of my 17 mile run yesterday.  🙂

We are having our neighbors, Jack and Patrick, over for a spur of the moment dinner tonight so we’re excited.  Now we just need to tidy up a bit.  Look at this sleepy babe in my lap as I write this blog.  I hate to disturb him. Especially when I’ve about put him to sleep with some neck scratching.

But when his daddy came home from renting us a movie he was wide awake again.  Isn’t he the cutest?

We shall say goodbye for now.  I’ll see you later tonight or tomorrow!  Race time is almost here!!!  😉


No Time

Guess who was up at 7 am this morning?  Yes, me!  The only day I have off in the midst of 12 days and I wake up super early on my own.  Oh well.  I kind of like when that randomly happens but I would’ve appreciated sleeping longer.  Especially since I didn’t get to sleep until well after midnight.

I woke up and lounged in bed for a little bit and finally got up to make myself a waffle with a couple of strawberries.

It was up and running pretty quick this morning because the hubs had scheduled us both eye appointments.  Bad report from the doctor for me.  I’m not allowed to wear my contacts at all for the next 7 days and put eye drops in 4 times a day because I have a lot of protein build up on my cornea.  So I begged the doctor to help me figure out a solution for running since I’m pretty blind when I don’t wear my contacts or glasses.  He was nice enough to provide me with a few pairs of disposable contacts to wear only when running.  So I’ll be good to go with training throughout the week and for my first Triple Crown Race next Saturday.  The hubs, however, got an A on his report card.  He has perfect vision so I hope our future children inherit his eyes!  He did have to have his eyes dilated so he got to wear these cool things and I got the privilege of playing chauffer.

Sexiness is all encompassed in this one picture.

Anyway… I got a tad hungry while out running around so I’m thankful I brought along my own trail mix.

We ran by the store to pick up some fruit for a dinner we’re headed to tomorrow night and picked up a meal for some friends that had a baby a few weeks ago.  We headed back home to eat a quick lunch.

I decided a fruit lunch sounded good.  A sliced apple, banana and red grapes.

I’m stuffed!!

We’re now headed off to the vet to take one of our cats, Nattie, since he’s been throwing up every single morning!  Something is definitely not right and the vet told us to bring him in as soon as we could.  So we’re walking out the door to have him assessed.  Pray it is nothing serious.

P.S. Obviously due to the unexpected event of our vet visit, there will be no 17 mile run today.  I’ll push it to next weekend.  It makes sense and my priorities need to be in line and my cat boy comes first.  See you guys tonight!!

Treadmill Running

Can you believe that after community group all of us made a stop at Chick-fil-a to eat dinner… AGAIN! I was starving again. I have no idea what’s gotten into me. I feel hungry a lot lately. Obviously it’s the training and my body is physically telling me I need more food in my system. I decided to go a healthier route than my regular fried chicken sandwich and got a chargrilled chicken sandwich instead.

Not bad at all. I ate a few of the hubs fries too.

I did eat a little dessert at community group last night. The first is graham sticks with a cream cheese and mini chocolate chip ball and the other is homemade, from scratch brownies made by our friend Dabney.

I came home knowing that I had today off so I stayed up later than usual watching a little TV and found myself falling asleep with the TV on so I knew it was time for sleep. I planned to wake up this morning and go on my 11 mile run before a prosthodontist appointment I had scheduled but it was raining cats and dogs this morning. So I climbed back in bed, got a couple of more hours of shut-eye and then it was time to get ready to tackle the day.

On the way to my prosthodontist appointment we saw that they had opened a brand new Fresh Market a mile down from the office we were headed to. So after my yucky teeth impression session, we decided to go see what Grand Opening deals they might have. They didn’t have too many crazy deals like I thought they would but we ended up picking up a few things we needed anyway like feta cheese, asparagus, peanut butter, olives, mushrooms and tomatoes. They did have a few sample stations. We tried cooked bay scallops, california sushi rolls and homemade granola. I’ve not been a granola fan at all the few times I’ve tried it but the sample was yummy! I think I might have to go back to buy some. I held off today but really kind of wish I had gotten some!

I love their fresh seafood!!

I knew after our random store run, that it was time to hit the gym to run my 11 miles since the rain was holding me up from running outside. I started out strong but before I knew it, sweat was dripping everywhere, I had only run 2.5 miles and felt like I was going to die. The gym was literally 80 degrees and no fans. That is so not conducive to running 11 miles. And the fact that I feel like a hamster on a revolving wheel makes it even less appealing. So I decided to come home, hope that the rain clears up and run the remaining 8.5 later today. If I can’t run it today, then I’ll run it after work tomorrow. I’ve got to get the run in no matter what!!!!

So we came home to walk in the door to only find a cute face up in our closet getting warm. How cute is he?

We decided to start cooking it up! I felt like eating a grilled chicken wrap for lunch and the hubs wanted to go ahead and make another batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup for this next week.

I piled my wrap with chicken, spring mix lettuce, red and yellow sweet peppers, sour cream, shredded cheese and salsa.

A little salsa and a few chips on the side.

A peanut butter cookie for dessert.

My belly is full and I’m ready to relax. Hopefully it’ll clear up outside so I can run later! See you friends tonight!!

Question of the Day: Do you prefer running outside or on the treadmill?

Groceries, Girls and Gabbing

Last night’s slumber party turned out to not be a slumber party after all, as in none of us ended up spending the night at Kelsey’s.  We all ate, talked and put on make-up until about midnight and we all called it a night.  I was selfishly excited to get home to sleep in the bed alongside my husband but was thankful for such a great girls night.  I made new friends and developed newer friendships on a more deeper, grounded level.  It’s always fun to have some quality girl time every now and then.  Can I hear an Amen?

This morning my body was wide awake at 9:30.  Seriously?  Why in the world, after getting to sleep at 2 am was I up at 9:30 am?  I know that’s super late to sleep in for some people but considering I’m awake at 5:30 am five days a week for my job, not so much.  One thing I majorly love about my rare days off is the sleeping in part.  So what better thing to do then go ahead and run some errands?!  Chad and I had major grocery shopping to accomplish so we set out to Whole Foods first.

LOVE Whole Foods and I think it’s my new obsession. We came out with some great stuff but we didn’t get all of our grocery shopping finished with just that one stop.  We ended up hitting up two more places before we got everything we needed.  Don’t you think we’re stocked up for a few weeks now?

The stocked fridge, full of fruits and veggies.

Our makeshift pantry/cabinet.  All organized.

I even bought some new tupperware when we were at Sam’s today.  I definitely was in need of some new tupperware to have better to go containers for taking my breakfast and lunch to work.  I’m really excited about these. They all “click” together so my cabinet is super organized looking.  It even came with two of them that had three divided sections.  That’ll be really helpful with packing a lunch.  Less containers=less hassle.

Look at my favorite buy of the day.  Really excited to break into the almond butter world.

Judging by my grocery shopping, I can safely say that I am officially revamping my eating habits.  I bought big girl oats (aka: steel cut oats) instead of my regular first grade fruits and cream instant oatmeal, copious amounts of fruits and veggies, Balsamic Vinegar to make my own homemade dressing, ingredients to make our own whole wheat pizza, etc.  I’m so ready to dive into everything.  So you’ll be seeing lots of tasty, delectable, healthy meals in the future.

After a quick unloading of the groceries it was off to file our taxes.  It honestly took less than 30 minutes to file and get out the door.  So glad it’s over with so we don’t have to think about something else being on our to do list.  I had another girls night planned for tonight.  We were meeting at Senor Iguana’s Mexican restaurant for dinner.  I have to confess something because I promised when I started this blog that I would be honest about my food choices.  The hubs and I headed out for errands right after waking up and didn’t finish until 3 in the afternoon and then we filed our taxes, didn’t get home until 5 pm and so I didn’t eat today until dinner time.  I know that’s an awful thing to do to my body but it just sort of happened that way.  So I sat down at the restaurant grateful to get some food in my system.

I started out eating chips and salsa.

I ended up just ordering a soft chicken taco for my meal because I knew after my chips and salsa that I wouldn’t be as hungry for a full Mexican meal.

I’m thankful I did just order that because I was full by the time I left.  I think me downing 3 glasses of water helped.  I was so thirsty!!

We all separated and went to our separate abodes.  I quickly headed home to settle in on the couch and watch the Miss America pageant with the hubs.  Yes, he loves me that much to sit and watch a pageant.  Last year we were in Las Vegas watching it live in the audience because one of my best friends was Miss New York last year.  And not to mention the fact of why I truly love pageants so much… I competed in pageants from the ages to 15-21 and met some of my very best girl friends that way.  I loved competing and do miss it when I watch the pageants from the audience.  So to celebrate the crowning of the 2010 Miss America, I decided to drink a cup of hot chocolate.

I’m thoroughly enjoying myself right now so I’m going to end the post with my question of the day.

Question of the Day: What state are you from and are you/did you, watch the Miss America pageant?  Or better yet, have you ever competed in a pageant?  If so, which ones?!


Hello friendlies! I hope you all have had a fantastic Saturday! After my breakfast and a hot bath, I settled into bed to catch up on my DVR shows and quickly fell asleep. I actually only slept for 45 minutes but it was just enough to give me a boost of energy to tackle the rest of the day. The hubs and I got ready to head out for our date night to Seviche. We made a pit stop at Macy’s to look at a new set of pots and pans and knives since they were having their one day 75% off sale. We decided to keep looking and researching instead of being impulsive and buying something just to get it. So any advice on sets of pots and pans and knives would be greatly appreciated. We just have a mixture of pots and pans so we’d like to have a whole matching set.

Outside of Seviche.

Seviche was absolutely amazing, as usual. We ended up ordering steamed mussels, and 3 seviche tastings for an appetizer. The three seviches we ended up choosing were (left to right) chino latino tuna (our favorite), salmon and beef tenderloin. Too yummy!

Indulging and loving it.

I had one bite of the salmon and beef tenderloin and a couple of bites of the chino latino tuna. The mussels were steamed to perfection of course. I had about 6 of those little boogers. Tasty tasty.

I ordered the entree I always get at Seviche, the wild grilled salmon. I love salmon completely and have tasted a lot of it through the years. But I have to tell you, this is the best salmon, hands down, I have ever tasted. The sauce on the plate is an asian sweet sauce and it completely makes the dish what it is. The salmon is always grilled to perfection and is served on a delicious bed of shrimp rock rice mixed with veggies.

Chad usually orders something different every time. He ordered the ribeye on a bed of mashed potatoes. I had a bite of the ribeye and it was flavorful and tender. The bite of mashed potatoes I had wasn’t too shabby either. Doesn’t it look delectable?

We skipped dessert at the restaurant so we could go somewhere else. I did splurge on a coca-cola and did good with only drinking one… I do love me some coke. Don’t worry I did drink up some water, that’s for sure. Here’s us after enjoying our meal. P.S. We always have excellent service at Seviche but we had the best waiter there tonight! He was so kind and gracious! Loved the great service.

We each had half of our main entrees left over so we decided to pack it up and take it home for a good lunch tomorrow. I always leave half of my salmon because I want to enjoy it for two days instead of one but I was kind of surprised when Chad had half left too. Usually that boy eats it all up! So we’ll be eating a great lunch tomorrow. Can’t beat that.

Guess where we ended up for dessert? Krispy Kreme. That is Chad’s favorite pit stop and since we couldn’t really think of a place to go and sit down for dessert this is where we ended up. Chad ended up ordering a dozen regular glazed to take home. I have not and will not be indulging in these little puppies. Too dangerous. I like the chocolate glazed better so I don’t think I’ll have a problem resisting. But Chad plopped them on my lap to hold on the way home. They do look scrumptious.

Chad had already eaten two of them in the car before I get could a picture of the whole dozen. And I’m pretty sure he ate two more upon our arrival home. How he isn’t 500 pounds, I have no clue!

We are home and settled in for the night. We stopped by the Redbox and rented Final Destination 3 to watch since it’s still quite early for us. Oh, and this is for my mom, a picture of my outfit tonight. She bought me the leggings and sweater for Christmas.

Alright, the hubs just brought me my sweet treat for the night, a mug of hot chocolate. It’s time to snuggle up and watch our movie. See you tomorrow friends!!

Growing Pains

Can you believe that I signed onto wordpress tonight to discover that my blog was named one on the Blogs of the Day for gaining the most popularity? I can’t!! A Fit Foodie was number 11 out of 100! Wow. This makes me so excited. So I’m not having growing pains… I’m having growing fun! I’m absolutely loving thinking about A Fit Foodie and the ideas I have brewing. So keep reading and enjoying. I have so much in store for this blog and can’t wait to continue sharing it with all of you.

I finished the day yesterday by resting and eating a small portion of our leftover wing dip from the New Year’s Eve party we attended. I still wasn’t feeling like eating so I kind of forced myself to eat a little of this so I wouldn’t be starving when I woke up. This wing dip is pretty darn good and you can make it be light in calories too. It’s a great dish to take to a party and it will be eaten up in a quick second.

Wing dip recipe:

  • Two 8 oz. packages of 1/3 less fat cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup of lite ranch dressing
  • 10 oz. Medium Wing Sauce
  • Two 10 oz. cans of white chunk chicken breast
  • Two cups of Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese

Let cream cheese soften, mix all ingredients together (use only 1 cup of cheese), make sure chicken is drained before mixing, pour into dish, top with remaining 1 cup of cheese, bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Serve with tortilla chips or cracker of your choice.

I woke up this morning wanting to feel 100% up to par again and lo and behold, I didn’t. My body ached and my nose wouldn’t allow me to breathe with ease. I forced myself to get out of bed and go grocery shopping because our cupboards were bare and the hubs was begging me to get some food in the house. We set off to conquer a long and much needed grocery list. I ate a small blueberry muffin that Chad had made yesterday and we bundled up to brace the cold. And boy was it cold. This is what our car thermometer said the external temperature was. Eeek. Thank goodness for warm winter clothes.

Chad made a pit stop at Starbuck’s to grab a cinnamon dulce latte and talked me into ordering a peppermint mocha. Now I have never liked coffee or anything with coffee flavor in it. After years of begging me to try and dive into the coffee world, I agreed to try a peppermint mocha. I was pleasantly surprised. Not too shabby. The espresso wasn’t strong and the milk and peppermint flavor was, so I was in good shape. I enjoyed sipping this hot drink in this freezing cold weather but I don’t think I’ll be a regular customer at Starbuck’s. I’m sure the milk and sugars aren’t the healthiest thing to indulge in but like I promised… I’m going to be a real person living in the real world. And sometimes you splurge on a sugary drink like a peppermint mocha.

Good thing I got a little energy going because the grocery store was crazy! We managed to get out of there in pretty decent time with some yummy finds. I’m super excited for our menu for the next couple of weeks. My favorite stop was at Whole Foods where we picked up some fresh bay scallops for the pasta primavera I made for dinner tonight. I seriously could spend all day in Whole Foods and never get bored. I’m thinking about going there for the bulk of our grocery shopping next time. Their fresh meats and seafood always look divine and they have a ton of organic products to choose from. And since I’m trying out new recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it looks like that might be the best place to go. Where are your favorite places to shop for groceries?

Dinner was pretty good. I stuck with the lite alfredo sauce, red peppers, yellow peppers, asparagus spears and sauteed scallops for my pasta primavea. I had enough leftover from my plate to stick in the fridge for a quick lunch tomorrow. I chose to not make myself a piece of garlic bread but the hubs was kind enough to share a bite of his with me.

We’ve settled in after dinner with our nightly cup of hot chocolate. I started to protest tonight’s cup because I splurged on the peppermint mocha but the hubs insisted. I told him “I only want a small cup”. My appetite hasn’t been quite right during my sickly time so I figured I needed a few extra calories. A nightly cup of hot chocolate is mine and Chad’s tradition during the winter months and I absolutely relish every second. This gives a chance to wind down, curl up on the couch with our kitty boys and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

I’m off to settle in for the night. Thank goodness that I’m feeling much better. Still a stuffy nose but my body is feeling like it’s getting back to normal. I’m praying that I’m 100% myself tomorrow so I can go on a cold, much needed, run. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!