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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Happy Belly

What a day. I am home, with a happy belly and ready for bed. But let me back up first.

I ended up eating my huge orange for an afternoon snack and saved my granola bar for another time.

Probably a good thing since I ate pretty heavy tonight. The fruit kept it light.

I left work in a hurry and biked to our community group potluck dinner. I couldn’t wait to eat some comfort food!

The roasted turkey thing didn’t work out so it was roasted chicken instead.

A huge spread!

I got a bite or two of everything. More salad than anything to get my greens in!  Also a biscuit, mac and cheese, glazed carrots, roasted potatoes, roasted chicken, corn, green bean and mushroom casserole, and grape granola salad.

We brought the corn and roasted potatoes.

I was super pumped because we all headed to Dairy Kastle to grab dessert.  I biked and met everyone there.  I wanted to get a little more exercise in, especially since we had 75 degree weather today!

Reese’s Cup flurry? Yes, please! Don’t forget the extra scoop Reese’s!

I know, I know, I’m so bad. But it’s so good! 🙂

I downed the whole thing because that’s how I roll.

I’ll run it off tomorrow. Speaking of running, I’m pretty ecstatic to throw my Saucony’s on and hit the pavement tomorrow. It’s been a long 6 days off! Hopefully my toes will hold up okay.

We have a teeth cleaning in the morning and then it’s off to grocery shop! One of my favorite things in the world! Whole Foods here I come! I know you’ve missed me!

See you in the morning friends!

Do you have any dairy shacks that open for the spring, summer and fall??  I think they are so much better than regular restaurants!


Leftovers + Greens

Good afternoon friendlies!!!  Lunch was half of what I didn’t finish for dinner last night!  Gotta love some leftovers!

Barbecue chicken, half a roll and roasted red potatoes.

I needed some green so I finished off the rest of our spring mix and made a small side salad.

Topped with tomatoes, onion, cucumbers and shredded carrots.

With a drizzle of Italian dressing and my salad was complete!

My brand new day is going well with eating!  I’m feeling cleaner and lighter already!  Who knows what dinner will bring though?!

See you tonight!

What are you eating for dinner tonight?

Knotted Up

Once again, I wasn’t asleep until after 11 o’clock last night. This week has been terribly “off” for us because we’ve had something planned every night! Which is always awesome when you have such great friends to hang out with but I have to say I’m thankful for tonight. No plans. Just a regular night at home.

I biked into work today in hopes that it won’t rain later like the weathermen say it’s going to so I can bike home. I truly love being back in the routine of biking. It gets my blood pumping in the morning and sets my metabolism up to be increased for the whole day. And I’m reducing my carbon footprint while saving money on gas. Gotta love it.

Breakfast was an unexpected bagel. A medical rep provided bagels this morning and I happily accepted. I cut my whole wheat bagel in half and saved the other half for tomorrow. I popped it in the toaster at work and then put a spread if cream cheese on it. Yum yum. I just love bagels!

I also ate a nanner for some fruit intake.

Lunch was the other half of my dinner from last night. Turkey burger with lettuce, onion, tomato, relish, mustard and ketchup. The other half of my French fries too.

Snack was my first taste test of store bought yogurt. I desperately want to love yogurt but have never really like any that people have had me taste. Since I loved the chick-fil-a yogurt I tried a couple of weeks ago, I decided to start buying individual containers at the store and trying those.

I started out with Danon plain yogurt and didn’t like it at all.

So after a couple taste testing bites, I threw it out and tried the Danon strawberry. Loved it! I mixed in my granola and was good to go. Score!

I couldn’t wait to get home because (a) a storm was rolling in and I wanted to be able to bike home instead of having the hubs come pick me up and (b)  I couldn’t wait to have a night at home with no plans but to eat, do some sort of working out and getting into bed and getting to sleep by 10!

I came home to a great dinner.  We did a light simple salad tonight tossed with balasamic vinaigrette and topped with baby carrots, olives, bacon and cheese.

The hubs baked up some whole wheat tortillas and made them into chips.  I spread some Laughing Cow on there and it was perfection!!

I had some dessert of course!  Thin Mint Girl Scout ice cream?!  Absolutely!  In a martini glass?  Even better!

I am completely satisfied.  After a long day at the hospital, it was the perfect treat to end it with.  I’m off to do some arm, shoulder and ab exercises and then hit the hay!  My right calf is pretty knotted up since my race this past Saturday so I’m resting it this week.  I do have a training run when I’m out of town this weekend.  It’s only 10 miles so I know I’ll be fine but  I hate to push it now when I’ve made it this far having avoided injury.  I feel blessed that I have a body that can run these long distances and handle it well so I’m going to stay thankful and wait until my calf muscles release from this knot and feels normal again. Happy Hump Day!  See you tomorrow friends!

I’ll leave you with a picture of this sweet thing.  He’s saying a late Happy Easter!!

But now he’s ready to watch some TV.  Gotta go!!

What fun bowls, glasses, plates, etc. do you like to put your food/dessert in?

Papa John’s Ten Miler

Well, I’m finally able to sit down and post about my ten mile race this morning. It’s been a really long day already and I am ready to do nothing, sit on the couch and watch TV.

After I ate my pre-race breakfast that you saw earlier, I headed back to bed and slept on and off for another hour or so. The minute I got up to get ready, I was nervous. Nerves all around. My body was shaking, mentally I didn’t feel prepared, I was freaking out! Some friends popped in to walk to the start line so I prayed and talked with a friend and the hubs and they calmed me down.

About to start! Do I look nervous?

I’m wearing the new armband the hubby Easter Bunny bought me and it worked out awesome!

I was thankful the rain was holding off because that would’ve been miserable for 10 miles in the rain!

I met up with a new friend from church, Lindsey, and we ran together. Her and her hubby is who we planned to go to brunch with after the race. Good thing we saw each other in the beginning so I’d have a running buddy.

We started running and I realized at mile 3 that I really hadn’t mentally prepared for this race AT ALL! We hit Iroquois Park where the 3 miles worth of hills began and I honestly did not want to push myself. So glad that I had Lindsey to run with because we pushed each other and conquered each and every one of those hills. As we left the Park around 6.5 miles I had a major right side splint and Lindsey kept encouraging me to push through. I kept running and before I knew it, it was gone. Praise the Lord! At the same time my side splint started, it began to rain. It wasn’t a light drizzle but it wasn’t a downfall either. Just a steady rain. The rain lightened up a little bit towards the end of the race but we were pretty soaked and looking like hot messes by the time we crossed the finish line.

The only picture hubs was able to get of me about to cross the finish line.

My official time ended up being 1:41:55. The course was actually 10.18 miles so I averaged right around a 10 minute/mile pace. Not too bad considering the hills we had to run. Lindsey and I finished at the exact same time and we were so glad to go up and grab all the free food they had for us! I ended up getting several bananas, an apple, a Panera cinnamon bagel and 4 granola bars! Love it!! They had pizza for us too, duh! It was sponsored by Papa John’s! But I didn’t feel like that would be good post-run recovery food. So I just waited until we all went to lunch.

My biggest supporter and I!

Lindsey and I

We walked back to the loft another mile and the heavens let loose and starting pouring on us so another half a mile run back to the loft and we were home to throw our clothes in the drier for a second and then head to brunch!

Brunch ended up being lunch because they were finished serving breakfast but I didn’t mind. I felt like eating a sandwich anyway.

Blue Dog Bakery is where it is AT!! My first time here and definitely not my last.

Super cool atmosphere.

I ordered the spicy tuna sandwich (no preservatives in their bread, SCORE!), topped with sliced hard boiled egg and arugula.

With a side of chips and wheatberry salad. The wheatberry salad is to die! It has wheatberry, celery, scallions, lima beans, and currants.

Can I just say how amazing this meal was?! Everything on their menu is healthy and good for you and I was pleased to find another place in Louisville like this. There aren’t too many around that I’ve found. I saved the right half of my sandwich for lunch at work tomorrow. Half of my chips and wheatberry salad got packed up to go too. I definitely couldn’t have eaten all of this. I’m never really that hungry after I race or have a long run so I’m glad I have such a great lunch for tomorrow!

There bakery makes bread fresh everyday and I hear it’s amazing. I can see how since the bread for my sandwich was delicious!

We then proceeded to our hair appointments we had scheduled for today. It had been over 5 months since I had my hair colored. Shocker that I’m not a natural blonde, right?! 🙂 I almost fell asleep in the chair because I realized how tired I was when I sat still for a moment.

Two hours of cuts and colors later, we were out the door and it was time for me to run to the grocery for a few essential items to last us until we get back from a road trip next weekend. I think we’re good to go for two more weeks which makes me excited!

I actually got some great deals in our organic section at Kroger, I was surprised. I picked up some Bear Naked Oats and Honey Granola with Blueberries (originally over $5 and I got it for $2.99), three containers of yogurt to test out, and Kashi cinnamon harvest and autumn harvest cereal for only $2.99 a piece! Not bad! Ususally they are over $4!! Then they were having a sale on Nature’s Own whole wheat bread Buy One, Get One Free! All about it! I pretty much got everything on sale or on Kroger special card prices. Love when that happens!

Now we’re home and relaxing. Not for long though, the hubs has a hankering for a Dairy Kastle hot dog and I think that sounds like a fabulous idea. Let me tell you about Dairy Kastle… they open in the spring during daylight savings time and close in the fall at daylight savings time and it’s a super cute walk up to the window dairy shack and they are awesome! I am addicted to this place in the spring, summer and fall! They have my favorite dessert there. It’s a Reese’s Cup flurry and it’s like a Dairy Queen blizzard with low fat frozen yogurt with Reese’s cups mixed in! To die for! So that’s another reason going there tonight sounded like such a fabulous idea! I plan on ordering one and devouring it. Another great thing, it’s close enough to walk so we get some exercise out of the deal. Can’t beat it!!

I’ll be sure and take plenty of pictures tonight. Thank goodness the sun came out and the weather has been beautiful since our earlier downfall! We’ll enjoy our walk thoroughly, I’m sure. I’ll enjoy having some hubs/wifey time just to talk and enjoy each other while we walk. Hope you all have had a great Saturday so far! See you all later!!

What’s your favorite yogurt brand and flavor?