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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Party Number 2- Done

We are back from the wedding and reception and are pooped. It’s been a busy day and I am happy that I’m about to climb into bed.

The wedding was great. It always brings tears to my eyes to watch people step into holy matrimony. I find myself thinking back to our wedding day and it was so perfect that I can’t imagine what we could do differently to make it any more special.

The bride, Kim, walking down the aisle.

To her groom, Andy, who was waiting anxiously.

After we got in the car after the wedding, I wanted to take a picture of our rings.  This is one shot we forgot to get on our wedding day!  Boo!

Which, by the way, isn’t the hubs original wedding ring.  He lost 20 pounds after we got married and his other titanium ring was way too big!  So we bought this new titanium ring when we were in Vegas on a vacation a year and a half ago.  And I have to say, I like it better than the original.  Another fun fact: My engagement ring is actually the hubs grandmother’s wedding ring.  We had my two bands custom made to match.  Makes it that much more special to me.

We headed to the reception and sat down with some finger food appetizers first.

Then the wedding party arrived and it was time to eat.  I was sure to get a lot of green on my plate since my plate from the graduation party was lacking in the green.

Salad, green beans, potatoes, cheese tortellini, chicken cordon bleu, and beef tenderloin.  Oops, can’t forget the roll.

I waited around just to grab some cake.  Such a pretty presentation.

The pictures I took of the slice of cake I grabbed weren’t good at all because of the low lighting so you’ll just have to picture a slice of strawberry cake.

Here’s us… not the best picture because we are worn out but it will suffice for now.

We have an extremely early morning ahead of us and another jam-packed day tomorrow.  So who knows when I’ll be able to blog.  I might be iPhoning it tomorrow morning.  I’m hurrying off of here so I can wash my face and climb into bed.  A 6:30 wake up call is going to come way too fast!  Nite!

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

I have two: Watching the dad give his daughter away ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes and when the couple is first announced as Mr. and Mrs. to walk back down the aisle to leave.  That was such a special moment for our wedding and will never forget doing a little jump and squeal as I turned around, grabbed my bouquet of flowers and my husband’s arm for them to announce our new name!  I loved every second.


Loading Up on the Fillers

Thank goodness it is almost time to go to bed!  I cannot even begin to describe the crazy day I had after lunch.  I’ll just put it this way, I was physically spent!  Mentally too, but truly, physically grueling! I’m just glad I get to lay down to rest in a few minutes.   After a few hours, I was finally able to get a long enough break from the craziness to eat the snack I packed.

The other half of my Danon vanilla flavored yogurt that I ate the other day.  With some Bear Naked granola on top.

After work, I booked it biked it to our church for a meeting/dinner.

The hubs fixed me a plate before I got there since I’d be running a little later due to work.

Lots of salad…. as a filler of course.

This was my a additional helping so I’d fill some empty space in my belly.

Here’s my plate the hubs fixed me.  I only ate the chicken that was tossed in marinara sauce and peas (on the very left of the pasta line).  I had the bread and one bite of the alfredo and other pastas.

I had all of my dessert, of course!  It tasted like chocolate flavored cool whip.  I have no idea what it actually was but it was tasty!!

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are packed up for tomorrow and I’m off to bed!  I almost overslept this morning so I need to apparently aim to get some extra sleep tonight!  Tomorrow’s my last day of work before I’m off and resting up for the marathon!  It’s creeping up on me quickly.

What do you like to eat as “fillers” to help you from overindulging in dense, rich foods?


What a day it was in Labor and Delivery! We ended up being extremely busy. We were all running around non-stop. Thank goodness I was able to eat lunch! I needed that fuel to keep me going!

Whole wheat angel hair pasta topped with ground turkey and marinara with a salad on the side.

My afternoon snack couldn’t have come at a better time. I was ready for it. I had just gotten finished with delivering a baby and scarfed down some of my trail mix I brought. Super yum.

I needed the protein in the almonds to last me until dinner and give me a burst of energy so I could bike home and then strength train.

A short bike ride home and it was time to do some strength training.

I figured I’d go on a run tomorrow night.  I did a variety of push-ups, pull-ups and ab exercises.  I feel good and strong now!!

It was a breakfast for dinner sort of night at the Watson household. I decided on some whole wheat toast, scrambled egg, mandarin and bacon.

Mmmm… I love breakfast for dinner. There’s just something about it that is so comforting.

Of course I had to have a sweet treat. Can’t go wrong with a Reese’s Cup Easter egg.

Oh wait… I know of something better!  A Reese’s Cup Easter egg in the 1/4 Reese’s Cup flurry from Dairy Kastle I had frozen over a week ago!  Ah, now that hits the spot!

Now it’s time for a wind down and bed. I’m pooped! Need sleep badly!

Do you enjoy cooking breakfast for dinner?  What’s it typically include?

Disaster Strikes

I feel like a whole new woman after getting 9 hours of sleep last night. They called me from work at 5:30 this morning and put me on call. I fell back asleep and woke up at 7:30, only to get a call from working calling me in to work at 7:55. So I found myself running around in the hospital before I knew it.

I ate a later breakfast because of the kink thrown in my schedule with being put on call but at least I got one. Another half of a toasted whole wheat bagel topped with unpictured cream cheese.

Lunch didn’t come too long after that. Some whole wheat angel hair pasta with marinara and ground turkey.

A mandarin on the side.

I couldn’t wait to eat my afternoon snack because I was hungry! Thank goodness I ate my pear when I did because I ended up having to go back to the operating room with a patient right after I ate it.

It was a rush home because our pipe above our bed is dripping water and a maintenance guy is coming to look at it. We need it fixed ASAP because we leave town tomorrow for our surprise trip. And the fact that I was also starving doesn’t help matters.

Thank goodness the guy figured it out right away and it turns out the pipes weren’t even leaking!  It was just condensation since it’s been so warm outside and we hadn’t turned on our air conditioning yet.  That works for me!  I love living in a loft with exposed duct work and pipes so I was glad it didn’t turn into anything serious because I love loft living too much!

I ate a super simple salad again like last night.  No whole wheat tortilla chips or laughing cow tonight though.

My salad ended up only being half of this bowl since the hubs and I were splitting it so I treated myself to some ice cream too!

I’ve got to get to packing!  Not only am I needing to pack all my clothes but some healthy snacks too!  It’s a 13 hour car ride just one way to our destination!  So I need healthy options to snack a lack on!  I have several granola bars from the 10 mile race last Saturday to try out!  Can’t wait!  Hope you all had a great Thursday!  I’ll try to blog on the road from my iPhone so be checking back!

What healthy snacks do you pack for yourself when you travel?

Preparing for Three of Four

Good evening!!  Since we have our wonderful MacBook back up and running, I’m back to being able to take pictures with my camera and blogging mainly in the evenings again.  As glad as I am to have our computer back, it’s going to be a pain finding everything we lost like applications, bookmarks, music and pictures.  But we’ll slowly get it back to normal.  So I have major catching up to do on all of your blogs!  I feel like I’ve missed out on so much these last few days!  Eek!  Tomorrow, after my race, I shall make that my task.

The hubs apparently fixed my bike yesterday and failed to tell me until I was walking out the door this morning and it was too late to re-vamp and hop on the bike so I drove to work but knowing that my bike is a-ok makes me happy!  Can’t wait to be biking on a regular basis again!

I had some Kashi H2H and Special K granola for cereal this morning.  Oh so good.

Lunch was pretty simple.  Just some flank steak and green beans.  Nothing too special but good nonetheless.

A little while later I was starving for a snack!  My nursing friend brought me another cheese wedge to try.  Isn’t that so sweet?  I didn’t like this near as much as the Laughing Cow so I’ll stick to the Laughing Cow.

Served with a few wheat crackers from our hospital cafeteria and a mandarin.

I absolutely rushed home from work because it’s pasta (aka: carbo loading) night!!  I have race 3 of 4 tomorrow!  The Papa John’s Ten Miler.  The hubs scooped me a rather larger portion than I originally asked but somehow I managed to get it all down.  🙂

Tonight calls for a piece of garlic bread too!  What would a carbo loading night be without bread with the pasta?!

Fresh grated parmesan cheese.  Please and thank you.

I have to admit that I ended Lent a day early (or two days early, however you want to look at it).  It’s Good Friday obviously and I just thought, I’ve gone this whole time, I’ve learned a lot and tonight is the night to end this Lenten season for myself.  So I had this.

So darn good!!!  I had a couple spoonfuls and stopped.  Completely satisfying even though I probably could’ve eaten the whole carton!

Mmmm… I could never ever give up sweets forever!  I love them too much!!

I then started to busy myself with getting things ready for the race in the morning so I wouldn’t go too extremely crazy with the sweets since it’s been 43 days!  So I got all my gear ready!

Look at what the hubby bought me!

An armband to put my iPhone in so I can be safe with my phone handy, even in the spring and summer months when I don’t wear a jacket or something with pockets.  He’s so thoughtful.  I love my hubs being the Easter Bunny!  I’m going to test it out tomorrow and see how I like it!

Alright, I’m officially carbo loaded and now I need to shower, wind down and get some sleep!  We have lots to do tomorrow after the race like brunch with other runner friends, hair appointments for both of us (I’m so due for a color!), light grocery shopping and then home!  I think it’ll end up being a full day!  I’m trying to talk the hubs into switching out my winter clothes for my spring/summer clothes at the storage unit so hopefully we’ll get to that too!  Busy busy day!  I’m trying to mentally prepare myself with thinking about racing in the morning but I so don’t feel like I have a race in the morning.  That good be a good… or a bad thing!  Here’s to hoping it goes great and the weather is awesome!  We’re tackling some pretty crazy hills on this course so I’m hoping my body doesn’t bonk out!

Wish me luck!  See you after the race!!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Guac, Salsa, and Fajitas

What a day it has been.  As soon as I stepped onto the floor at work this morning I was told by the night shift manager “You might as well go ahead and put your roller skates on”. And boy was she right.  Today was different from yesterday in that it was an organized chaos.  We were completely full, busy and had patients waiting for rooms but we had enough staff today to be able to help each other out and pay proper attention to our patients.

I was glad to get breakfast in my belly this morning.  Puffed wheat cereal with a sliced banana.

Lunch was a little late for my usual routine today.  I ate after 1 pm and was pretty hungry.  I was glad to have leftover whole wheat tortellini (cheese filled) with marinara.

With a salad on the side.

All together.  Don’t you love my fancy tupperware?  I wish I could eat on my real plates everyday!  ;-(

Later on for a snack I had a pear.

And maybe I had a handful of Chex Mix too.  I’ve felt super snacky today and I feel like it’s from my weekend of eating mostly carbs.  I’ve got to get back on track because my body is feeling, shall we say, bloated?!  All that bread is making me expand!!

Anyway… I hit the ground running after work and did 3 hard, fast miles.  (Well, fast for me)  I enjoyed the 57 degree weather and it being light outside!!!  Here’s my stats:

Mile 1: 9:53

Mile 2: 9:11

Mile 3: 8:08

Total: 27:12 minutes


I was famished by the time I got finished with the run and was so excited for flank steak fajitas that were waiting on me!

First up: My whole wheat fajita packed with flank steak, spring mix, homemade salsa, sour cream, cheese and grilled onion.

Homemade guacamole?  Sure.  Note: Another shocker so prepare yourself.  This is only the second time I’ve ever had guacamole.  The first time was just a few weeks ago and I love it!!

Homemade salsa? Absolutely!

All rolled up with some tortilla chips on the side.  Obvi.

So so good!  I wanted another wrap but I decided to wait and see how I felt after a little while and of course, I was full.  But I did seem to have just enough room left in the tummy for some fruit.  One mandarin and red grapes while I am blogging.  I LOVE fruit!!!

Ok, so this night will be the beginning of trying to get back to bed and be asleep by 10 pm!  I’ve got to get moving so I can make it!!  I hope you all had a great Tuesday.  It sure felt like Monday to me… weird!

What do you do when you feel super snacky and know you need to get back on track?!

Skinny Jeans and Pasta

After I posted this morning we left for the surprise birthday party we were attending and ate pizza! Thank goodness they had salad as a filler too.

I topped my salad with the Italian dressing instead of the ranch that was staring me in the face. You know a southern girl loves her some ranch!!

Only two small pieces of pepperoni for me.

All together. The pizza was hot and tasty!

After the party we went jean shopping!! I have lost close to 15 pounds since the first of the year between eating healthier and marathon training. My skinny jeans that I had bought just over a year ago were seriously hanging off of me and didn’t even look like skinny jeans anymore. So after procrastinating (because I hate getting in the shopping mood and I’m pretty cheap), the hubs said that we finally needed to go because I definitely needed new jeans and couldn’t put it off any longer. So off we went.

I was so excited to walk into the GAP and see they were having 30% jeans if you donated a pair of your old GAP jeans. Lucky for me I had worn my skinny not so skinny anymore jeans to the mall since I wanted to have a reference on what exact skinny style they were so I was determined to find some jeans I loved. Right off the bat, the first pair I tried on were perfect and I ended up donating my older ones to be recycled and getting 30% off the new ones. It was a win/win!!

Can we say love?!

Extremely glad that I have a pair of skinnies that actually look like skinny jeans again! Not only did I hit the jackpot with the jeans but I found 7 other super cute shirts and cardigans that I snatched those up too. I only shop about twice a year for clothes. Once each season and get some staple pieces and wear them all season with past clothes that I own. I’m in scrubs most of the time so it’s not like I need “work” clothes. I just need classic staple pieces for each season for when I go out and about. Love what I bought! And super glad that most of the pieces were on sale!!

After our super quick shopping trip we headed to church and then it was home for another Italian dinner. Today has been an all day Italian fare food day! First pizza and then whole wheat cheese tortellini for dinner!

Dinner was so yummy! I’m glad we didn’t have a huge batch of this because I totally would’ve kept eating it!

Fresh grated parmesan? Sure.

Italian style bread on the side to dip in the marinara? Of course.

With maybe a couple more pieces of bread. Hey! I love bread, what can I say?!

I have a little bit of the cheese tortellini leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch at work. No bread. Just pasta.

I had a mandarin for after dinner. I think I’m officially addicted to these.

And we thought it’d be a good idea to cut up the pineapple we bought on our grocery shopping trip last week and it ended up being rotten!!!

I was so upset! I was so looking forward to that goodness of sweetness!!

Instead to fill my disappointment, I ate a ramekin full of red grapes.

Alright, time to get ready for bed by showering and watching our Sunday night shows! I keep forgetting that my body is going to feel a little off with the time change so I’m hoping I’ll be asleep by 10 p.m. so I can be up and ready for work in the morning!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

What’s your favorite Italian meal?