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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Wishy Washy

Last night after I left you all, the hubs ended up cooking himself a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on whole wheat toast.  He had enough left over that he insisted I eat one too.  I couldn’t let it go to waste!  😉

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.  Usually I would really eat a combo like this but it satisfied me with a bit of comfort food before I turned in for bed.

I didn’t get to sleep until almost 11:30 last night!  Way too late for me.  I was surprised since I ran yesterday, laid out and biked to and from Community Group.  Usually on days like that, I crash out but I guess the sun didn’t drain me like I thought it would have!

I had a feeling I’d be put on call from work this morning but no such luck.  I headed in and worked until 11:30 and the second I hit overtime, I was sent home on call.

Oh yeah, I did eat some Honey Nut Cheerios at work for breakfast.

So I headed home and had an agenda since the hubs was at home all day.  We needed to go to our storage unit and swap my winter clothes for summer clothes, eat lunch and hit up the grocery.  Oh, and can I just say how hard my bike ride was on the way home because of 25 mph winds?  Brutal!!

We decided lunch was a must before everything else.  Food first always!

We decided North End Cafe sounded good and was lucky enough to get a spot on the patio.

Isn’t he handsome?

Do I look any more tan from yesterday?!

We decided to split food today.  I thought their natural grass fed beef burger on a whole wheat bun sounded perfect to split.  It was half a pound!  Huge!!  There is no way I could’ve eaten it all myself.  Served with a side of fries and a pickle of course.

We also ordered the hummus tapas.  Complete with carrot sticks, snap peas, pita bread and olives.  And hummus of course.

My half of things.

I was completely satisfied with our meal.  Too bad we couldn’t sit out there and enjoy the sun more because as soon as we had finished, work called to call me back in.  Just a mere two hours after letting me go home.  Errrr…. I’m getting quite frustrated with this whole on call, send Lauren home from work and then call her back in thing.  I will not put my work life above my personal life.  I will go on with my life and if they call me in, then I’ll get there when I can get there.  I can’t live my life waiting by the phone doing nothing when I’m on call.  Am I valid on this?

So it was back to work for another 5 hours and since the hubs had to drop me off at work after lunch, he had to pick me up from work when I got off.  We decided to go straight to our storage unit after I got off work and grab my summer clothes and get it over with.  And we also picked up our food processor that was packed away too!  Can’t wait to start using it soon!!

I had a Carman’s  muesli bar for a snack to hold me over until dinner since we’d be eating a lot later than usual!

Love these bars!!

We decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken from Fresh Market and some asparagus for dinner.  I also snagged some bananas, Fresh Market’s strawberry jam, whole grain crackers, hummus and whole grain waffles.  I know it sounds weird, but I’m going to buy the rest of our groceries tomorrow.  We didn’t need a lot from Fresh Market so I’ll get the rest of the everyday items from Kroger tomorrow.  And we were hungry so we wanted to hurry!!

We finally got home, heated up the chicken in the oven for a few minutes, sauteed some asparagus and were good to go!

Hummus and a few crackers on the plate as well.  Now looking back, I’ve had my share of hummus today!

I ended up not eating all my piece of chicken because it was quite large so we saved the rest of my chicken and the big chicken for leftovers.

The hubs is now making cake balls.  Click Here and Here for the two part recipe.

This time we’re doing white cake and white icing made into balls and dipped into melted white chocolate and melted regular chocolate.  We shall see how they turn out.  We’ll finish them tomorrow since it’s so late tonight but I was happy to have been able to lick the remnants of raw cake mix of a spatula.  It’s my favorite part!  🙂

Hope you’ve had a great Friday!  I have all weekend off and that means I can stay up late, sleep in tomorrow, lounge, lay out…. heck!  Just do whatever I want!  I haven’t had a weekend like that in a LOOOOONG time!  You shall be seeing lots of posts from me.  Stay tuned…

Would you get frustrated being sent home and called back into work within just a couple of hours?


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter friends!  Hope you all have had a fantastic day.  I had to work today in order to be off one of this upcoming weekend days so I can go on a little road trip.  Details to come soon about the road trip but there is a surprise in store so I gotta keep it a little quiet for now.  🙂

Work wasn’t so bad.  It was actually nice and pretty laid back for most of the day which is what normal Sunday’s usually look like for us in Labor and Delivery.

They had a potluck at work today and I had no clue about it!  Oops!  No one called to tell me so I didn’t bring anything but it’s not my normal weekend so I got lost in the mix.

Before we get to the yumminess of the potluck, I had breakfast and couldn’t wait!  I tried out the Kashi Autumn Harvest cereal I bought on sale at the store yesterday and liked it better than the normal Cinnamon Harvest I buy.

I topped it with slices of banana.  A perfectly filling breakfast.

Lunch time was before I knew it and I dug right in.  I filled my plate up with two kinds of barbecue (chicken and pork), baked beans, coleslaw, macaroni salad and fruit salad.

I chowed down and ended up getting a couple more spoonfuls of barbecue, macaroni salad and beans.

Within 5 minutes, I realized I ate too much, too fast. I  haven’t felt that full in a long time.  It wasn’t a satisfied full feeling it was an overly stuffed, bloated, pooched stomach feeling. Whoa.  I’m usually pretty good about pacing myself and not letting my hunger greediness get the best of me but not this time!

I can’t beat myself up over it though because (a) I ran over 10 miles yesterday and walked over 3 miles (b) somedays we slip up and over indulge (c) there is always tomorrow (d) it’s no fun to get caught in the guilty trap.

I ended up not snacking at all the rest of the day because of my fullness and I knew I’d be eating a pretty dense meal for dinner tonight.

I hated that I wasn’t able to attend church today but we had a dinner planned with friends after work from church so we took over a roast. I love eating roast, especially my mom’s roast. I can cook a roast exactly, step by step, how my mom does, but it never turns out as tender or mouth-watering as hers!  How does she do it?  She’s an amazing woman, I tell ya!  It’s probably all the love she puts in it.  🙂

Oh, and I got a phone call from my dad today, surprsingly.  Considering it’s been almost 6 weeks since he had any sort of contact with me, I guess he thought it was due because it’s Easter.  Maybe he’s not cutting off contact with me for good after all.  I’m just going to keep praying and putting this not so great situation in the Lord’s hands and let Him guide me because Lord knows that I have no strength or power within myself to change the situation.  I just want to love my dad with Christ’s love the best I can and if he wants to have contact with me then great, I’m all for it. He’s my dad and nothing changes that.  I might not agree with all of his choices he’s made in his life, especially in regards to my family and my mom but I just know that the best I can do is pray and love him through it to point him towards Christ and His love for us.  So there’s an update on that little tidbit of this personal life of mine.  Please continue to pray for me and my family as the rollercoaster of emotions continues.

Alright, onto our dinner!!

Our roast was cooked with red potatoes, carrots and onion.  We mix a can of cream of mushroom with a packet of Lipton dry onion soup mix and a soup can full of water and pour over the roast to marinate.  We cook it at 300 degrees for an hour a pound so it’s nice and tender and juicy.  This roast was a little over 3 pounds so we cooked it for a little over 3 hours.  (I LOVE the way it makes my house smell.  Reminds me of my childhood.)

The Lewis’ always have amazing bread whenever we get together so I don’t mind digging in at all.

Dessert was a chocolate trifle!  It was divine!  Lindsey is so cute and creative and I ate this up: figuratively and literally.  I’m totally doing this for a get together one day!

Lindsey and I got to talking about food and it was all she wrote.  We could’ve talked about food and grocery shopping all night!  I love having friends that I can get excited with about things like food.  A lot of people think I’m crazy that I love food and talking about it so much.  It’s nice to be in good company.  🙂

Now we’re back home with a belly full of comfort food and ready for bed.  I have a feeling I’m going to sleep well tonight!  I’m blessed the Savior died for me and rose on this day to reign in heaven.  I couldn’t ask for more in my life so I am content.  I pray all of you had a great Easter!

Do you have any Easter traditions?  Do you celebrate Easter? What did you do this Easter Sunday?


Today marks the first day of lent.  Forty more days until Easter… where has this year gone already?

I have been thinking and praying about what I should (or if I would participate) give up for lent.  I’ve never fasted from something before and don’t feel like we need lent to fast from something but this was the first year that I felt convicted about fasting from something I truly loved. I want to have a hunger for something so much that it makes me turn to Jesus to satisfy that hunger.  But let me get to the rest of my day before I fill you in on what I’m giving up for lent.

I started off with a bowl of Kashi H2H for breakfast.  I love Kashi so much and can’t wait to start branching out with all of their other products… not just cereal.

Lunch was eaten super late today!  Not until almost 3 in the afternoon because we were that busy at work today!

Half a chicken ceasar wrap and another half ham.  Side of coleslaw.  Ate maybe 5 potato chips.  I’m trying to get back in the swing of things with eating!!!

No snack because it was already 3 by the time lunch was consumed so I headed over to church right afterwards for a meeting and blew my day of eating completely!  They had several desserts leftover from another meeting that was held tonight and was letting us take whatever we wanted.  The hubs picked up frosted cookies and a bowl full of peanut M&M’s and I picked up some mini cupcakes.  I had a few pieces of the M&M’s and it all went downhill when he left the bowl in the car with me for our drive home.  I ate more than 2 handfuls, I’m sure of it and ugh!  Frustrating.  We ended up stopping at Bazo’s Fresh Mexican Grill for a quick dinner and I ordered a small chicken taco and small queso with chips.

Which brings me to now.  When in the shower, I was talking with Chad and decided that I needed to give up dessert/sweets for lent.  I’m sure this is a popular one out there to give up but desserts/sweets really is a pit for me.  I can’t seem to resist them as hard as I try and I feel like sometimes I idolize desserts/sweets because I devote so much time to thinking about them and eating them. Does this make sense?  So I told Chad to help keep me accountable because I really do want to stick to my conviction and devote my hunger for sweets to satisfying my hunger and need for the Lord.  So help keep me accountable blog.  Any words of encouragement are appreciated!  I’m already doubting myself that I can even do this!!  Forty days is a long time at this moment but in the grand scheme of things, I know it’s a blink of an eye.  So here I go!  No sweets for me until Easter!! (Disclaimer: I will be eating craisins and chocolate covered plums in my trail mix during this time so I can keep up my good snacking but it will not be an everyday thing!)

Oh, I didn’t get my run in because of the spur of the moment meeting.  Here’s to hoping I’ll get to get an easy run in before my long 15 mile run this weekend.  This week has been a completely ‘off’ sort of week!!  Weird!

Question of the Day: Are you giving up anything for lent?

Gotta Get Back With It

Ok, I’ve seriously got to back with it.  I have been eating whatever I want and everything in sight for the past 3 days!!!  I think Valentine’s Day triggered my cravings.  Work being so busy that we can’t even sit down to eat a decent lunch hasn’t helped things either.  I started out this morning thinking I’d get back on the track.

I started with mixed fruit for breakfast.  Cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes.

For lunch one of our doctors ordered us Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwiches for lunch and I happily dug in!  I had a little bit of veggie and ham with a bag of BBQ chips of course.  Hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have eaten the bread and/or chips but I did because I was running around all morning and ended up famished by lunch time.

I didn’t eat an afternoon snack because it was so busy so I came home super hungry and knew the hubs had made some homemade turkey meatballs and didn’t want to just eat those so I finally ate my leftover grilled salmon and veggies from our Valentine’s Dinner.

I ate three turkey meatballs too with another side of asparagus.

Recipe for turkey meatballs:

Ground Turkey

Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs

One Large Egg

Italian Cheese Blend

Feta Cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste

Form above ingredients into meatballs with hands

Brown turkeyballs in skillet with olive oil

Then place marinara sauce of choice, turkeyballs, 1/2 an onion, and sauteed mushrooms with a red wine reduction into crockpot on high for 1 1/2-2 hours.

Serve and Enjoy!

Instead of splurging on dessert like I have been for the past several days… I decided a packet of mini m&m’s would satisfy me just fine.  And I was right.

I am definitely running tomorrow night if I can but tonight I’m going to get in some leg and ab exercises.  I have been so lazy since my long run this past Friday!!!  Errrr…. I’m in a rut and don’t know how to get out!  All I want to do is eat horrible (but so yummy) food and veg.  I guess everyone has their moments, right?!

So other than the Jimmy John’s subs and chips today, I actually think I did okay on trying to get back on track with eating healthier and being more conscious of what’s going into my mouth.  I could do better but I’ll get there eventually!

I’m off to do some much needed strength training for the night.  See you all tomorrow!

Question of the Day: How do you get back on the bandwagon after falling off for a few days?!

Too Busy

I’m super glad to be home finally!  Today was so busy at work.  At least it went by pretty quickly.  I was worried that it would get busy because the snow had moved in over night!  Another four inches for us.

At least I got a good breakfast in of raisin bran cereal.

Thank goodness we had a medical rep bring us lunch today.  I decided on half of a chicken ceasar wrap with a side of coleslaw and fruit salad with a few chips.  Satisfying enough to get me through the rest of the day.

No afternoon snack for me because of the busyness of the rest of the day.

Since the hubs took me to work this morning because of the snow, he was waiting on me when I got off work.  I love that!  We decided to stop by a Mexican restaurant and get some dinner.  I had a few several chips with salsa at dinner and ordered a chicken soft taco.  Something simple and small.

We came home to eat a couple spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream on top of half of a chocolate chip cookie the medical rep brought us today.  I am promising myself that I’ll be eating cleaner throughout the rest of the week.  I’ve been completely indulging in a lot of rich and sweet foods so I need to cool it for a little while.  I can feel my body screaming at me.  Isn’t it weird that with just a couple of days eating differently that you’re body feels the affects?!

I wish I could go running tonight but it’s a sheet of ice on the pavement and I don’t want to risk injury when I’m this close to completing my goal of running the marathon!  So hopefully I’ll be pounding the pavement again soon!  Ice ice go away!!!

I just got off the phone with one of my dearest friends and I’m off to enjoy a couple of hours before bed.  Time to watch The Bachelor!  Yippee!!  Guilty pleasure for sure!  Hope you all had a great Monday and getting back in the swing of the week!

Question of the Day: Do you notice a difference, physically, when you revert back to unhealthy eating for a couple of days?

Valentine’s Dinner

What a fantastic Valentine’s Day!  After relaxing this afternoon it was off to church to hear a great and convicting sermon on praising our Lord.  I’m thankful for a biblical church that never fails to speak the truth even when it stings.

After church we headed off to our Valentine’s dinner at Napa River Grill.  We had never been here before so we figured tonight would be a good night to try it out.

We started with Ancho Calamari Ancho Calamari– Ancho chili pepper dusted crispy calamari served with banana ketchup and tomato basil sauce.

Insane delicious.

They served us cornbread before our meal and it was so good!  I’m officially obsessed with cornbread now.  I’ve had it twice in one week and it’s one of the first times I’ve really even had cornbread!  Now it’s everywhere… and I like it!

I had two small slices.

I ordered the Pama Salmon– Grilled salmon, pomegranate barbecue sauce, Capriole Farms goat cheese polenta, grilled asparagus.

I wasn’t as crazy about the goat cheese polenta so I only ate a couple of tiny bites but the hubs loved it!  And I only ate half of the salmon and asparagus so I’ll have a delish lunch tomorrow at work!

The hubs ordered the Grilled Beef Tenderloin with sauteed veggies and garlic mashers.

We decided to skip dessert at the restaurant because we didn’t see anything that knocked our socks off and we had planned on going home after we left and just skip dessert altogether but AHA! there was an ice cream store right down from our restaurant that was calling our name.

The Comfy Cow!  So ridiculously good and not necessary but I sure ate my two scoops of ice cream right up!  Cake batter flavored and mint chocolate chip.  Two of my very favorites and I can’t believe how great they were!!  We will be making more trips in the future for special treats.

The hubs got fresh roasted coffee flavored ice cream topped with hot fudge.

Now you see it…

Now you don’t… Now how did that happen?!

Finally back at home and I had to show off my killer shoes.

Kate Spade from head to toe… literally.

Super sad that I didn’t get a picture of my KS dress underneath but the lighting didn’t want to work to our advantage tonight!  Maybe next time.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!  I know I splurged majorly on my eating but hey, it’s only one day and I’ll do better tomorrow.  Gotta live a little, right?!

Question of the Day: What did you do for Valentine’s Day?  Did you splurge on anything?

Laid Back

I don’t have much to report from the rest of the day.  It was relaxing and lazy.  I woke up from an unexpected nap to these two snuggle buddies in the bed.  Seriously?  Does it get any cuter?

The hubs and I have caught up on all of our DVR’ed shows so we decided it was a Redbox kind of night. I love the Redbox!  So easy and convenient and movies are only $1 a night!  We went in hopes of finding the movie Couples Retreat but they are rented out all over the city!  None to be found.  So we decided on Love Happens with Jennifer Anniston and Aaron Eckhart.  Hope it’s a good movie!!

It was back home to eat some dinner. The hubs had a couple slices of cheese toast and tomato soup while I had the remainder of my ham and cheese and pasta salad from my lunch at Toast on Market earlier today.  Yummy!!!

But boo on what happened while I was eating.  I dropped a piece of the pasta on my light UGG boots and now the stain won’t come out!  Anyone know any good remedies so I can save my UGGS from looking rough?!

Dessert is the remainder of chocolate chip big cookie and ice cream.  So ridiculous!!!

I wish I had 10 more bowls of it to eat!!

I’m off to finish watching our movie and get rested up for our Valentine’s Day tomorrow!  The hubs has some great things planned!  I’ll be posting tomorrow after our first set of meals!  Happy day!

Question of the Day: What movie’s have you seen lately and would you see it again?