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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Freeze Leftovers? Absolutely!

Hello all!  I hope you all had a great Wednesday!  Get excited!  The weekend is right around the corner!!  Can’t wait for it to get here.  I have a pretty fun weekend planned.

The rest of the day passed by rather steadily thank goodness.  I was excited for lunch but nervous at the same time.  I have never frozen food leftovers before except for frozen yogurt.  I ended up freezing two servings of the pot roast I made on Easter so I could have it at a later date.  Especially when we might be running low on groceries… like NOW!

I was nervous that when it re-heated that it wouldn’t be as tasty.  Boy was I wrong.  I loved it!  It looks like it’s drowning in sauce but it added so much flavor and moisture to the meat!

I was perfectly content with this meal and I have another serving left!  I’m all about it easy planning and grab and go.  It makes my life so much easier.  Especially with all my working hours, marathon training, biking, traveling, etc.  We’re busy and this could potentially help me save a whole lot of time with cooking, preparing and thinking about what to bring to work.

I wasn’t too hungry for a snack by the time I usually am so I waited until my body felt hungry.  I didn’t want to eat, just to eat.  You know?

I did end up eating a Laughing Cow cheese wedge with some wheat crackers.

I so love Laughing Cow.  Where has it been all my life?

I biked home to eat some grub but we have almost nothing in our fridge, freezer or pantry.

So the hubs met me on his bike and we biked up the street to our favorite Mexican restaurant for some dinner.

I ate salsa and chips of course.

And ordered my usual soft chicken taco.  This thing was stuffed with lettuce, cheese, chicken, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.

I did get in some strength training. I  decided an arm workout was necessary.  I would love for my arms to look more tone and I’ve been neglecting them so I’m trying to pay a little more attention to toning them up.  Sleeveless weather is just about here and I don’t want to be flabby armed.  🙂  My arms are now burning.  So are my abs because I worked those suckers out too.  Bikini season is coming up!!

I might have had the other 1/4 of my Dairy Kastle Reese’s cup flurry too!  🙂  I didn’t add any extra Reese’s Cups this time though.

Now I’m settling in to watch The Biggest Loser from last night!  Gotta keep up with it!

I think it’s a night that I’m actually going to be able to get to bed well before 10 so I can get some more sleep!  Why is it so hard to get to bed before 10?!  Errr!!  I’ve got to get into a routine that sticks!  But that’s life… things come up and throw a kink in the schedule.

What are your favorite arm exercises to get them toned up and ready to show off for summer?


Switching It Up

I slept so hard last night!  I think having the fan on at nights since it’s warming up outside is helping me with my REM sleep.  I love the white noise and the feel of the breeze over me.  It makes for near perfect sleeping conditions.  The only way it could get better is if I was at the beach hearing the sounds of the ocean.  Am I right?!

I biked in this morning and it’s still pretty chilly in the morning.  I’m a little anxious for it to be a tad warmer but I know I’ll be wishing for this cooler weather in the mornings before too long.

I was greeted with the surprise of being pulled to work one of our other units today so I had to quickly switch gears mentally. I don’t necessarily mind being rotated to this other unit when need be but it is a whole different way of thinking.

So after a couple of hours of getting my patients settled, I figured it was time for a little breakfast. This morning was another Kashi cereal that I snagged from our hotel over the weekend.

I do love me some Kashi cereal!

I’m off to give a million medications… Ok, maybe not a million, but a lot. I will see you all later! Have a happy hump day!

Oh yeah. Don’t miss out on this awesome giveaway by Anne P!!!

And this one over at Sound Eats!

Another Must Have

Good morning bloggies and friends! It was time to get moving early for work this morning. I was extra hungry for breakfast due to biking in and helping with a c-section right off the bat. Circulating the operating room and recovering c-sections is definitely a physicial job.

I was excited to try the bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch that I snagged over the weekend at our awesome breakfast we ate at the hotel.

I loved the textures in this bowl!

They sell this flavor in bulk at our Sam’s Club and I must buy this next time we go. I loved it! A perfect blend of sweet, crunchy, and filling. I love discovering new things!!

Hope your day is treating you well so far. Must get back to it!! See you all later!

Buy One, Get One

What a day it has been. I am worn out! I think I could’ve gone to sleep at 7:30 tonight and stayed asleep until tomorrow. These 11 o’clock bedtimes have got to end!! Anyway… Onto the day.

I ate clean all day until dinner. Breakfast was a nanner. No PB this time.

Lunch rolled around and I knew the weather was supposed to be gorgeous today so I headed downstairs to our cafeteria to eat on the patio and it was an epic fail. The building blocked the sun so it ended up feeling chilly and windy. Then I realized I forgot my water so I just packed it right back up and headed to our nursing lounge instead. Oh well. At least I tried.

I topped my salad with baby carrots, olives, onions, fresh grated Parmesan cheese with a drizzle of Italian dressing.

I had a mandarin on the side as well.

Around 5, I had another mandarin for a really light snack.

I flew out of work again tonight and hopped on the bike and biked my light heart out to meet some girlfriends for dinner.  It was buy one, get one free burger night at The Monkey Wrench.  Can’t beat that.  It was nice because we sat up on the second level patio and enjoyed the great weather!

We ordered at 7:30 and the waitress came back over 30 minutes later to tell us they were out of the bison burgers some of us had ordered so it took another 30 minutes to get our food out to us.  We didn’t eat until after 8:30! I was so disappointed with the service and promptness of everything.  So disappointed that I don’t think I’ll ever go back to eat there again.  No matter how many free burgers they have.

I had ordered the turkey burger with shoestring fries on the side.

I immediately cut it in half and put one half of the burger and one half of the fries in my to go container.

So lunch is packed up and ready to go for tomorrow.

I biked home and it was TOUGH!  The wind has really kicked up around here because a storm is supposed to be rolling in tonight.  So I finally made it home and now it’s time to get snacks and breakfast packed up for tomorrow.  I need to get into bed ASAP!!  See you all tomorrow!

As good as food can be at a restaurant… if you had bad service, would you still go back and eat there?

Feeling Heavy

After my day of dense eating yesterday, I definitely woke up feeling heavy and weighted down. Isn’t that strange how your body feels so differently after a day of heavier eating?

I was excited to bike to work this morning. The weather was perfect and I felt super strong and quick today. My legs felt great and I didn’t feel like I was trudging through to make it to work. So I felt heavy in the sense of my body this morning but light as a feather on the bike. Hey, whatever works.

I decided today will be a day of cleaner, more lean eating as I get back on track from splurging all weekend.

Breakfast was an apple that I picked up after my 10 mile race on Saturday and a mandarin. No peanut butter with the apple. Can you believe it?

It totally feels like Tuesday to me instead of Monday. I guess because I worked yesterday. Hope you all are getting back into the swing of the week! See you after I run and eat dinner!

Soaked It In

At least I got to soak in a little bit of the fabulous weather we had today on my bike ride to our meeting tonight! I just can’t wait for it to stay nice and warm so I can start laying out! Beach trip is a little over 2 months away and I need a base tan before we go, for sure!!

Work ended up picking up quite a bit after lunch and by 5, I was ready for my snack! I had a pear with 3/4 tbsp. peanut butter and it satisfied my hunger completely!

After our meeting it was already 8:45 and we wanted a quick fix for dinner so we decided to try out the new and improved Domino’s pizza they are advertising. It doesn’t hurt that we also had a coupon for a supreme pizza on Wednesday’s only for $8.99. I’m all about some sweet deals! And I’ll have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Score!

I’m off to eat this pizza up before I eat my own arm! See you tomorrow!!

What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)? I love Supreme!!!

Breakfast of Champions

Good morning friends! I was so excited when I woke up at 5 this morning and realized I slept all night long without waking up! Glorious.

They gave me an extra dose of energy to let today be my first bike ride into work of the season! It was a cool 41 degrees but I enjoyed the ride thoroughly. I brought my Garmin just to see exactly far and how fast I rode in. I ended up biking 2.7 miles in a little over 13 minutes. Not too bad considering wind resistance and stopping at red lights! I am really glad that I’m biking again. I love being more environment friendly, saving gas and getting a dose of exercise that early in the morning.

So I deserved what I packed for breakfast this morning. A sample pack of Wheaties, “The Breakfast of Champions”. I got it as a sample for my 10k and I really liked it a lot. Although it did taste pretty sugary.

Lots of different textures in this cereal!

Hope it holds me over until lunch time! We shall see! I’ll try to blog at lunch but don’t hold me to it. You never know how crazy it’ll get in Labor and Delivery! 🙂