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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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In Love

Good evening bloggies and friends!  I can’t believe Friday is almost over and I have the next two full days off from work.  I plan on totally sleeping in tomorrow morning.  Which means, I’ll probably wake up at 7 instead of 5:30.  Hey, any extra sleep counts, right?

I had a great rest of the day at work and did enjoy my granola bar along with an apple and 3/4 tbsp. of peanut butter.  So good.

I biked home to a much anticipated dinner prepared by the hubs.  It was phenom!

I am already so in love with our decision to join a CSA.

The hubs grilled up some pac choi that was insane delish.

We had fresh lettuce mix straight from the farm topped with some feta, sliced radishes (from the farm) and a sriracha vinaigrette. Our salad mix included: A mix of buttercrunch, oakleaf, Bibb/Romaine cross, and Deer Tongue lettuces, accented with lacinato kale, tat soi, baby spinach, and some red mustard to add a little bit of heat

A whole wheat flax seed roll.

A small piece of ribeye for me. Those are two grilled scallions on the side and those were amazing!!!  Packed with flavor!

Some Bush’s grillin’ beans.

All together it made a perfecto meal!

Lots of green.  Makes me feel good!

We had a bright idea of walking to our local McDonald’s to rent a movie from the Redbox and decided that a $1 sweet treat was in order.  Since we’re pretty tight on our budget for the month, we dipped into our change jar.

I was way tempted to order their new McFlurry flavor of Reese’s Cups they’ve recently debuted but have been pretty heavy on food and dessert recently so ordered a reduced fat vanilla ice cream cone instead.  Can’t beat it for 150 calories.

We saw this cute little bunny as we walked.  I just wanted to scoop it up!

We rented the movie Sherlock Holmes tonight.  It’s on right now and I haven’t really been paying too much attention.  Too much other stuff to do and on my mind.  Can’t wait for a couple of days to maybe decompress.  We have a busy day tomorrow with a graduation party and a wedding so who knows what sporadic times I’ll be posting.  Hope you had a happy Friday!


Butt Kicked

I’m back from bootcamp and my butt was officially kicked!!!  We did an hour straight of running, sprints, suicides, lunges, push-ups, arms, jumping jacks, side steps, etc.  I was DRIPPING in sweat.  I can’t tell you the last time I sweat that much.  It was insane!  And then we did a full 12 minutes, non-stop, of ab exercises.

My body is burning but it feels so good!  I definitely got an amazing, hard core, workout in this morning so I can now relax the rest of the day and not have a run or workout looming over my head.

I plan to lay out, watch some Tivo shows, read, enjoy time with the hubs and get ready to go babysit some of our friends baby tonight while they attend a wedding.  Hello!  Let us act as parents for a few hours… please!  Love it!!

I came home famished and ready for lunch.  It usually takes me about 1 1/2-2 hours to feel hungry after such an intense workout so it was perfect timing by the time I got home.

I heated up the two pieces of pizza leftover from the other night to finish them off and get them out of our fridge.

Oops, almost forgot some marinara for dipping!

A bite of brownie to top it all off.

I’m headed up to the rooftop for some laying out.  It’s 85 degrees here with clear skies and nice breeze.  Gotta get my base tan going because our beach trip is officially 5 weeks away!  Yippee skippee!!!

What are your plans for this lovely Friday?!


Good morning lovelies! I’m up and at ’em, headed to a bootcamp at a gym this morning! I do believe, though, I could’ve slept until noon today. We didn’t fall asleep until late last night and due to early morning and busy day yesterday, I was quite the tired one.

I feel good now that I’m up and going and am excited that I’ll get a workout in early in the day to where I can relax the rest of the day.

I woke up and ate a simple piece of whole wheat toast topped with some butter and grapes this morning.

I didn’t want to eat anything too heavy before working out so I thought this was perfect.

I’ll see you all after bootcamp and lunch! Happy Friday!!!


What a day it was in Labor and Delivery! We ended up being extremely busy. We were all running around non-stop. Thank goodness I was able to eat lunch! I needed that fuel to keep me going!

Whole wheat angel hair pasta topped with ground turkey and marinara with a salad on the side.

My afternoon snack couldn’t have come at a better time. I was ready for it. I had just gotten finished with delivering a baby and scarfed down some of my trail mix I brought. Super yum.

I needed the protein in the almonds to last me until dinner and give me a burst of energy so I could bike home and then strength train.

A short bike ride home and it was time to do some strength training.

I figured I’d go on a run tomorrow night.  I did a variety of push-ups, pull-ups and ab exercises.  I feel good and strong now!!

It was a breakfast for dinner sort of night at the Watson household. I decided on some whole wheat toast, scrambled egg, mandarin and bacon.

Mmmm… I love breakfast for dinner. There’s just something about it that is so comforting.

Of course I had to have a sweet treat. Can’t go wrong with a Reese’s Cup Easter egg.

Oh wait… I know of something better!  A Reese’s Cup Easter egg in the 1/4 Reese’s Cup flurry from Dairy Kastle I had frozen over a week ago!  Ah, now that hits the spot!

Now it’s time for a wind down and bed. I’m pooped! Need sleep badly!

Do you enjoy cooking breakfast for dinner?  What’s it typically include?

Monday Already?

I got 8 glorious hours of sleep last night! I was fast asleep by 10 p.m. and it felt great! The only disruption during that time was, of course, a trip to the bathroom (dang water!) and hearing our rowdy neighbors vacuuming at 3 o’clock in the morning.

It was back to work this morning after having a relaxing day yesterday. Is it really Monday already?  How do the weekends go by so quickly?!

I couldn’t wait to eat my breakfast this morning because I woke up feeling ravenous!

I know it’s the end of the month when we’re slowly running out of meal options. I have one more bowl’s worth after this morning of Kashi H2H Honey Toasted and Special K granola. Boo.

I was c-section girl today and was in the operating room during lunch hour and was starving. Is it so weird that I can be hungry while watching a surgery? Another “you know you’re a nurse when” moments.

I couldn’t wait to eat my leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch today. So good!

Disclaimer from this point out: My lunches usually aren’t aesthetically pleasing because I’m a nurse and usually I don’t truly get a 30 minute lunch break.  So my food looks like a reheated mess but it works, it’s yummy and fast!!

I had a hankering for a mandarin after I ate so I had one. Gotta give my body what it needs and wants!!

I packed a couple of snack options for today. I didn’t know if I wanted the trail mix I brought, apple with peanut butter or both! I knew I had a run planned for tonight so I needed some fuel to get me through my run and not be too famished before dinner.

I chose….

An apple and some peanut butter of course!  It just sounded more appealing to me at the moment.

And look what a co-worker brought me today!  Isn’t that so sweet?  I can’t wait to continue with my new obsession with Laughing Cow wedges.  They are for sure on my list for the next big grocery trip!!

I left work and was contemplating my run that I had planned in my head.  I feel really great after my 21 miles on Saturday but there is just a little tiny kink in my right hip that I feel so I figured since I’d made it this far with no injuries, I wouldn’t start now.  So I’m running tomorrow night!  I was productive when I got home though.  I did many sets of pull-ups, push-ups and ab exercises!

Dinner was pretty simple tonight.  We’re running really low on options for meals all around so we decided that it’d be a breakfast for dinner sort of night.  Nothing too fancy at all!  I had one scrambled egg, a Morningstar “sausage” pattie and a Pillsbury biscuit with strawberry jam spread.  I wish we had some wheat bread but I’ll settle for Pillsbury.  They aren’t too shabby tasting.  🙂

Oh man, I feel like my dinner looks super lame too but tomorrow night will be more appealing… I promise!

I’m off to finish making my tuna salad for lunch tomorrow and get settled into bed for the night!  Hope you all had a great Monday!!

I love the Laughing Cow cheese with crackers and tuna salad with crackers.

What are your favorite crackers?

Fitting It In

Good afternoon friends! I decided to iPhone my post today since I haven’t had a middle of the day posting lately! So here you go!

I got in some good leg and ab strength training last night. I was feeling the burn for sure! I feel like that’s always a good sign for a strong workout. I could definitely feel my heart rate go up during my many lunges, that’s for sure.

I was excited to be ready for sleep by 10:15 last night! Getting closer to my 10 p.m. goal! And I slept super hard last night which is always nice.

I walked out this morning to be pleasantly surprised with 60 degree temperatures! I’m thinking I need to get my bike tuned up ASAP so I can start biking to and from work again. Can’t wait to get my blood pumping with a little biking in the mornings again!

I couldn’t wait for breakfast this morning because it’s my favorite cereal combo. Kashi H2H and Special K Granola! Love love love it. And it usually keeps me totally satisfied until lunch time. That’s a huge plus!

I was going to have pizza leftover from last night for lunch but a medical rep brought us Jimmy John’s so I’ll save pizza for tomorrow.

One veggie and one ham.

A bag of their BBQ chips. Only 130 calories. Not bad at all.

All together. I’m all about a free great lunch!!

I’m off and running to finish up the rest of my 12 hour shift. It’s another fruit dinner since community group is tonight. See you later!!

Pizza and Temptations…

Whew… am I glad to be home after a long day at work!  I ended up getting to bed at 10:30 last night.   Obviously, later than I thought but still okay nonetheless.  I had to force myself out of the bed this morning.  I was just sluggish this morning!!

Breakfast was the rest of my Raisin Bran cereal.

Thank goodness it lasted me until lunch because I was hangry by lunch time!

The rest of our organic spring mix topped with shredded carrots, bell pepper, onion, feta cheese and BBQ grilled chicken.  So yummy!

A perfect lunch.

I had a pear on the side.

After delivering a baby around 4 p.m., (I didn’t deliver a baby, I just helped someone deliver theirs, lol) I was famished from all the hard work so I decided to gobble up a red apple.  With some unpictured peanut butter on the side, of course.

I couldn’t wait to get home for dinner so I practically ran out the door. It’s pizza night at the Watson’s!!  I was pumped about trying out the wheat crust we bought at Lotsa Pasta on our big grocery trip at the beginning of this month!  Look how amazing this pizza looks!

Topped with a variety of cheeses, sauce, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and black olives.

I had this piece and one more.

Verdict?  I loved it!  The hubs, however, did not.  He thought it tasted too much like regular bread instead of pizza crust.  I’m so disappointed because I love making our own pizza but the hubs has ruled it out from now on.  He said he’ll cook one more pizza at home with the other ball of dough we bought but he’s ordering out from that point on.  Boo!!  I guess I’ll just have to do my own pizzas in more of a creative way.  🙂

He’s made so many compromises on so many other eating/healthy areas so I can’t blame him for wanting to have the best tasting pizza.

So you’ll see this as a repeat for lunch tomorrow.  It’s all packed up and ready to go!  Can’t wait to dig into it tomorrow!!

Currently I am fighting a huge temptation to end Lent season early.  The hubs is headed to the store now to pick up ice cream and I’m dying to try the Edy’s Girl Scout Thin Mint he plans on purchasing.  UGH!  I know there is only like 10 days left of this Lenten season but it’s getting harder by the day.  Dessert and sweets have been surrounding me lately and I’m craving them bad!!  Help!  I know I wouldn’t be a bad person if I ended it but I think I’d be disappointed in myself.  You know?

Well… I’m off to do some leg and ab strength training.  I’m hoping to be in bed soon!  Hope you all had a happy hump day!

Oops… almost forgot to show you what was posted today!  I like these two of me from the 10k on Saturday!  I think they’re pretty good for race photos.  At least I wasn’t making an awkward face or anything!


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If you observe Lent, how do you fight the temptation to give into what you’ve given up for the 40 days?


Do you like homemade pizza or restaurant pizza better?