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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Heavy Eyes

Good morning, Sunday! It feels like it’s 5 a.m. rather than 8 a.m. right now. I’m guessing I fell asleep around 11 o’clock last night so I ended up sleeping 7 1/2 hours but my eyes are still feeling very heavy right now.

I’m being a good wife this morning. The hubs was asked to lead worship at a church across town and I came with him 3 hours earlier than the service starts for his rehearsal. We didn’t think it made any sense to drive two cars so I’m passing the time by blogging and reading.

I’m diving into the book, “Adopted for Life” by Russell Moore who is the dean of the School of Theology where the hubs is obtaining is Masters degree, Southern Seminary.

It makes me so excited and anxious to start the adoption process so we can bring our children home. When I think about it, my heart and body ache to have my chidren in my arms. I can’t wait for those glorious days when we meet for the first time.

Ok, before I let myself get all teary and emotional, I’ll move on.

I grabbed a muesli bar as we left the house so I’d have something to hold me over until lunch.

Carman’s is always a dependable choice. I really love their Apricot flavor.

I already ate half and am saving the other half to eat in an hour or two.

Ok, I’ve been trying to figure out why my appetite has been on steroids lately. It absolutely is relentless and I know it’s not just me making it up in my head when the hubs is even commenting on it. I can’t seem to get full and as soon as one meal is over, I start dreaming about the next meal and so I pine with hunger for the amount of time in between meals.

I think I figured it out. I think I am confusing thirst with hunger. My water intake has drastically dropped since the marathon and I believe that is what is preventing me from feeling satiated. I’m not getting enough water into my system.

So I grabbed a water bottle when we walked out the door this morning and plan on drinking, filling it up, drinking, etc. P.S. I do not buy bottled water as I usually use a refillable bottle to be more green and use less plastic but we have a few bottles from some of my races.

I’m prepared to be properly hydrated today and see if that makes a difference in me pining for food 24/7.

Hopefully this is a simple solution to my problem. We’ll see how today goes. The pastor and his wife are taking the hubs and I out for lunch today and then it’s back home so the hubs can lead worship at our church for the night services. It’s a packed day and night for us folks! See you after lunch!


Leisurely Saturday

I have had the most leisurely Saturday morning and have enjoyed every second.  I slept in until 8 this morning and ended up falling back asleep until 10!  How crazy is that?!  My body was screaming for rest.

I woke up and enjoyed watching some shows on our DVR and decided after an hour or so that it was time to put some food in my belly.  So I did.  I had the other half of my wheat bagel from yesterday.  Scooped the bread out of the middle.  My new addiction to save tons of calories without sacrificing any taste at all!

I don’t even miss the extra bread!

I added some cream cheese.

Grapes and half a banana on the side for some fruit intake.

I loved my breakfast even thought it was so simple.

Before I knew it, it was time to start getting ready for the graduation party for a friend we’re headed to… right next door to our loft.  They are our next door neighbors and we’ve become great friends with them.  Love that I can walk two steps and be there!  I’m all ready to go.  I curled my hair which I haven’t done in AGES!!  I think it’s fun for today.

What do you all think?  Good for a fun graduation party and then a wedding in a few hours?

I’ll see y’all in a little while with some fun pictures from our parties!!

Happy Saturday!

Scooped Out

Good morning friends! What a great morning it has been! I biked into work this morning and am happy to report that it was finally warm enough to not have to wear a light jacket. I love that summer is right around the bend.

I decided to eat the wheat bagel from yesterday morning and scooped it out. I read about this concept in Bethenny Frankel’s book, “Naturally Thin” and haven’t done it until now.

Take your bagel, toast it, and scoop out the excess bread from the middle.



Look at all that bread I can throw away. I won’t even miss it. Cutting calories like this is so easy!

Add your topping in the scooped out part and you’re good to go. I was a cream cheese girl this morning.

There’s your tip for the day! See y’all at lunch!

Hop in My Step

Guess who was in bed at 9 o’clock last night? And asleep by 10? Yep, me. I never seem to be able to climb into bed that early so I felt extremely spoiled with some good wind down time and almost 8 hours of sleep.

I woke up with a hop in my step because I didn’t feel toe pain upon walking! Hallelujah. Maybe I’m closer to recovery than I thought. I wouldn’t complain.

I happily biked into work this morning in some nice 68 degree weather. I’m loving the fact that it’s getting closer and closer to not needing a light jacket on my morning bike rides.

We had an educator visit this morning and teach on post partum nutrition which was very appealing to me because I love educating my patients on nutrition and how to treat their bodies.

Food was involved, as usual and she brought a healthy spread of whole wheat bagels, muffins, fruit, and yogurt. I grabbed a bagel and fruit for another time but did go ahead and eat the fruit for breakfast.

I had about two servings. Not much else to report. It’s busy, busy here today so I gotta get back to it! Hope you’re having a great day so far. Get excited because the weekend us almost here!! Wheeeee!!!

No Sleep

I got virtually no sleep last night. I’ll have to into the full story tonight after I get home and have more time to type it out. But let’s just say there were many tears shed last night and much pain.

It has to do with my toes, of course, but I’m exhausted today. I’m so tired of all my toe trouble! Anyway, you’ll hear the full run down tonight.

I was a stubborn girl this morning and went ahead and biked into work. I needed to wake myself up and pedal out some frustration.

They had a breakfast nurses reception this morning and you should’ve seen the ginormous boxes filled with sugary cake breakfast pastries. I wanted to snap a picture badly to portray to you all how big these pastries were but I figured my nursing director wouldn’t appreciate it.

Imagine pastries two times the size of your hand and boxes and boxes of them!

Then right in the middle they had one platter of cut up fruit. I dove right in and avoided those artery cloggers in a box. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a doughnut and sugary pastry every once in a while but not ones the size of my head!

Here’s my plate of fruit goodies.

A perfect, clean breakfast. Please think about me today as I am in much pain from my toes making it uncomfortable to walk. I’m praying this painful season passes soon. See you at lunch!

Edited to add: Here’s a big pastry bear claw one of my co-worker’s brought up to the floor. See how big it is compared to my fist! And it’s at least one inch thick!!

Trusty Breakfast

Good morning friends! I slept beautifully last night and was up and ready for a blood pumping bike ride into work this morning but woke up to wet streets and a drizzle of rain so felt it best to drive into work instead. I hate when I’m unable to bike!! And it looks pretty grim for the rest of the week too.

But on a bright note, I loved my breakfast this morning. A mix of two of my favorites, as you all know.

Which looks like this out of the boxes.

I could eat both of these dry, right of the box, by the handfuls. So yummy. Why oh why do I love cereal so much? Oh wait I know… crunchy, cool, easy, tasty and the list goes on.

I felt like eating some fresh grapes too.

I drink fat free milk while I’m at work and 2% non-organic at home but the hubs and I have been really wondering which organic milk we should start investing in. Kroger Private Selection Brand, Horizon, Non-Homogenized, Fat Free, Skim, 2%?

What kind of milk do you drink?

Munday Funday

Happy Monday!  It’s back to work which is always a rude awakening after a nice few days off of work.

Nothing that a good bike ride into work won’t get me back into the game.

Breakfast was easy and simple.  A fabulous Apricot muesli bar from Carman’s that I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago and a banana.

I’m such an easy breakfast person I think.  Maybe when I’m a stay at home wife or mom, I’ll dive into fixing more elaborate meals for breakfast.  But for now, it’s so much better to grab and go.  Ah, the life of a nurse.  The day starts early and ends late.

You know what I love?  That I can out a bunch of bananas from the store in our fridge and they stay perfect for weeks!!  I’ll never set them on the counter again.  They go bad way too quickly that way.

Ok, I’m off to finish the rest of the 10 hours left in my day.  Doesn’t that sound super long?  It does to me.  Let’s hope it goes by quickly!

Do you refrigerate your fruit or does it stay out?