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    I'm Lauren and this is a blog dedicated to living life with a healthy balance. I love to run, strength train, bike and just be downright active. I'm a marathoner as of April 24, 2010 and am currently looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Confession Time

Ok, the day ended up being crazier than yesterday!  AGH!  The labor and delivery floor whooped my rear end today!  I mean, seriously!  Thank goodness I have the next 4 days off.

I didn’t even eat an afternoon snack because it was so crazy.  You know it’s crazy when I don’t find time to fit in my meals.  🙂

I biked home, met the hubs in our parking lot and biked over to a friends house to celebrate her birthday.  Desserts for dinner!  My fave!

Happy Birthday Glenna!!

Oh how I love Glenna!  She is such a sweet spirit and I am thankful to have her as a friend in my life.  She’s so sacrificial with her love that she is even willing to bandit the last 4 miles with me during the marathon to give me a boost and a friendly face to run with!  Sacrificial people, sacrificial!

Her hubby, Matt, made three different desserts for her!  So sweet!

First up, strawberry filled wontons!

Second, a huge chocolate chip cookie!

Thirdly, a funfetti cake!  He substituted eggs with applesauce to make it slightly healthier and less fattening.  Thank you Matt!

I took a couple bites of each offering.  Oh yes, there was cookies and cream ice cream too!!

I might have had another bite of cookie and a few more bites of ice cream.  Don’t judge.  This was my dinner!  🙂

I was still hungry many many minutes later so I figured, instead of going back for more, to eat an apple and some peanut butter.

Ok, the apple sucked.  It tasted nasty!  So weird!  I’ve never had an apple that tasted bad, I don’t think?  So after a couple of bites, I just ate the rest of the peanut butter instead and threw away the apple.  No point in eating calories that don’t taste good, amen?

So I have a confession… Hello, my name is Lauren and I am a dessert-a-holic.  Can’t you tell?  Ever since Lenten season ended, I don’t believe I’ve gone a day or night without some sort of sweet treat or dessert.  I, am personally, totally okay with this but is this bad that I eat sweets so often?  I just love them so much!!  I feel like I’m balanced in my regular meals and eating but I do seem to have desserts for dinner a lot.  I tribute it to my crazy nursing schedule of working twelve hour shifts.  Sometimes I just can’t get in a dinner before going over to a friends house.  And a lot of our friends like to get together for dessert because it’s usually after the time normal people eat dinner.  Anyway, I guess I’m just feeling a little sugar overloaded tonight after what I ate but I’ll try to do better tomorrow.  Can’t beat myself up too much.

My secret person comes in tomorrow and I’m more than pumped to see them!!  I’m also waking up at 4:30 a.m. to meet my dear friend, Mandy, for a 5:30 a.m., two mile run!  My last run before the marathon on Saturday!!  Then it’ll be home to maybe take a nap before I have to get some other things accomplished tomorrow.  Things don’t look they are slowly down at all until AFTER the marathon.  Yeesh.  Busy body I am!  See you in the morn’!

Do you feel like a dessert-a-holic ever?  What do you do keep it all balanced?


3 Responses

  1. I am not a dessert person, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth … but I do love to eat in the evening (I would prefer to eat cheese and crackers though).

    I think it is perfectly okay to have dessert everyday. Life is all about balance and moderation, and a treat a day is perfect!

  2. I’ve had bad apples before and there’s nothing more depressing when you bite in expecting yummy goodness. Oh, I am a total dessertaholic. I have to not keep sweets in the house. Period. That strawberry wonton is going to call my name all day long!

  3. I am not a dessertaholic…I am a saltaholic…um hello chips!!! UGH!

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