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Back on Schedule

I planned on blogging when I got home last night from Thunder Over Louisville but it was almost midnight by the time we got home, showered and settled in so I decided it was best to get some rest and blog this morning!  So good morning world!

Last night we had a great time with friends.  We met at a friends house for dessert and that’s all I ended up eating the rest of the day.  I fell asleep for an hour nap yesterday and decided to run today instead of yesterday so I enjoyed getting much needed rest.  When I woke up and started to get ready to bike over to our friends house, I didn’t feel hungry so I wasn’t going to eat just to eat.

We biked over to our friends, talked for a little while then dug into dessert.  Glenna made a strawberry shortbread pizza that was super tasty.  The hubs and I split a piece.  I had about 1/4 of the piece we split and then a little while later went back and had another 1/2 piece.

We brought our cake balls for everyone and I didn’t eat any but they sure were a hit among the crowd!

Mark made these orange cookies and they were so cake like and moist that I had two of them.  Super yum!

Then Dinah showed up with oatmeal cookies.  I ate two of these delicious cookies.  I figured I could eat two because the oatmeal was a little healthier than the sugar in all the other dishes.  🙂

We all walked down to the river to watch the fireworks and boy was it (a) crowded (b) super chilly and (c) windy as heck!

Can you tell we’re cold?

We ended up squeezing our way into the front of the pack right at the riverfront and watching from there.  This is possibly probably our last year to live in Louisville so we figured we needed to see the world’s biggest fireworks display in person at least once!  They went off 15 minutes late!  Errr… I was so cold that I was dying for them to start.  But once they started the time passed quickly.  Twenty eight minutes of these.

We ended up walking over 5 miles last night to and from the river so we definitely got a workout in!  But then the hubs and I had to bike home in the crazy traffic… at least we got home safe and sound.  It was chaos out there!

After falling asleep at 1 a.m. (Crazy!!!) I was up, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 this morning!  Back to my normal schedule.  After a few minutes of lying in bed, watching Tivo shows, and chatting with the hubs, I decided it was time for some breakfast.

We bought more whole wheat waffles at Fresh Market the other night and strawberries at Kroger yesterday… perfect combo for breakfast!!

With a drizzle of Pure Honey that we bought at the Farmer’s Market yesterday.

It’s bright and sunshine-y here in Louisville today!  I haven’t figured out when I’m going to go on my 7 mile run yet.  My right hip started bothering me last night while we were walking.  It just feels like there is a muscle that pulls every time I take a stride.  It started feeling like that off and on after my 21 mile training run 3 weeks ago.  I’m trying to listen to my body and not push it too much since I’ll be running 26.2 miles on Saturday.  I’m off to enjoy the day and whatever it may bring!

What’s your advice on this muscle pull in my right hip??


3 Responses

  1. Hey girl – glad you guys had a great time. That strawberry pizza looks so good. Is it your hip flexor that’s hurting???

  2. Ice and a foam roller work wonders for me!

  3. Oooh, I am bad with injury advice … ice maybe?

    Those waffles look GOOD!!!!!!!!

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