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An Epic Fail

So who said that she thought she was going to be put on call from work today?!  Yep, I guessed it.  Thank goodness because I was dog tired.  I ended up sleeping until 8:30 and figured it was time to get my rear out of bed and make breakfast.

Since I had the morning off with the hubs I figured another hot breakfast would do the trick.  I decided that I would give old fashioned rolled oats a try.  As you all might remember (or some of you might not), I tried steel cut oats a few weeks ago and it was pretty bad.  I was not a fan… at all.  Ok, so I figured that maybe I would like old fashioned better.  I have come to understand or learn that steel cut oats has a completely different texture than other oats.  Since I put these wonderful old fashioned rolled oats in my homemade peanut butter granola bars and liked them I thought I would LOVE them as hot oatmeal too.

I desperately want to love oats.  I see so many food bloggers with their awesome looking oats and they rave about them.

So here I am fixing up my oats feeling totally optimistic and it comes out looking great.  I added a dash of milk, flaxseed, half a nanner, agave, peanut butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Doesn’t it look so comforting?  My verdict: AN EPIC FAIL!!  I took about 5 small bites and was dunzo.  I just do not like the texture at all.  So I’ve decided, if I eat oatmeal ever again… it will be my highly processed instant fruit and cream quaker oatmeal.  I’m pretty sure that won’t be happening again because it is so highly processed but that’s the only kind I approve of.  Or maybe I just like the instant oats better.  So I could try some other brands like Kashi.  It’ll probably be a while until I get this lingering gross taste out of my mouth but maybe I’ll try again someday.  But for now I’m content with whole wheat waffles, toast, eggs, Morningstar “sausage”, bagels and cold cereal.

I gave it a good ole college try twice now and can’t force myself to like something.  So after I discarded my oats, finished the other half of my nanner and dove into a bowl of raisin bran cereal.  Ah… that’s what I love.

I’m hoping to try out a Green Monster sometime in the future for breakfast as well but we’ll see.  One step at a time.

Well not too much is on the agenda today since I’m ON CALL!  I need to get some major strength training in so hopefully that’ll get accomplished.  I’m trying to figure out what to eat for lunch later since I’m eating Italian with the girls from work tonight.  I want it to all balance out and not have too many breads and starches in one day.  But I’m so proud of myself.  I pulled up the menu for the Italian restaurant a few days ago to plan my meal ahead and another co-worker and I decided to split an entree.  She’s on weight watchers so she needs portion control and I just can never finish full restaurant servings of pastas so we decided we are going to split the spaghetti with meat sauce.  And the great thing?  They have whole wheat pasta you can choose instead of regular pasta.  Woo hoo!!  They also serve a bottomless salad and Italian style bread with each entree too so this will be a good carbo loading meal but I don’t think I’ll over indulge since I’m splitting with someone else so I’ll allow myself to enjoy some bread and salad too.

Sad that the hubs leaves to go out of town today.  At least he’ll be back sometime tomorrow evening and I’ll be able to go for a 19 mile run tomorrow without sacrificing weekend time with him.  Pray that the sun comes out because I don’t feel like or forsee myself running in the rain.  Alright, I’m rambling at this point.  Off to do something… who knows what but hopefully I’ll be blogging after lunch.  But if not after lunch then definitely after dinner.  Hope you all are having a great Friday so far!

P.S. This is my 100th post!  Woo hoo for starting off a great Friday!

What’s your favorite breakfast food?


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  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!

  2. […] be trying my hand at oatmeal again in the morning.  If you remember, my previous two trials at it failed miserably so suggestions are […]

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