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On Cloud 9

What a day!  I was, thankfully, put on call this morning from work and decided, after I slept in a little bit, that I would conquer my 17 mile long run today instead of tomorrow.  I figured I’d knee to rest my body for at least a whole day before my 5k on Saturday.  And this way I get practically the whole weekend to run errands, spend time with the hubs, and relax without the long run hanging over my head!

So anyway…. I donned my running gear and got to it.  I started out nice and easy and quickly fell into an even pace.  I covered up my Garmin with my jacket because I felt like that has been one thing to hold me back on my runs and get me discouraged.  I hate to look down and see that I haven’t run as far as I thought or have run slower than I wanted.  I also decided to not have music playing in my ears as I ran.  Usually it’s on all the time when I run but I think the tempo of certain songs forces me to go faster (which can be a good thing too) but wears me out and makes me want to start walking.  I only stopped twice really.  Once at 1.71 miles when the hubs called and once at 12.42 miles when the hubs called again.  And the last mile I ended up speed walking/jogging because my hips started to tighten up and wouldn’t allow me to keep running straight.  So I ended up running 99% of the time and finished in 3 hours and 37 minutes.  I know that seems super slow to a lot of runners out there but I’m okay with running that long.  I’ve remained injury free and I know I’ll get faster with time but I’m concentrating on listening to my body and not pushing it too terribly hard.  This will be my first (and not last) marathon and I just want to finish.  So 12-13 minutes a mile is okay right now.  Now each marathon from here on out, I would like to at least be faster each time but that’s what training is for.  ANYWAY…. I’ll get off of that little soapbox.

I’m just so excited that I ran almost the entire time.  Nine more miles until I hit 26 miles sort of terrifies me but I know my body will continue to get used to the long runs.  I’m just trying to be patient and train smart.

I might or might not have popped a couple of extra strength Tylenol to help with my stiffness.  Trying not to get into the habit of popping these little helpers too much.

I came home and immediately guzzled half of a gatorade and a million ounces of water.

Okay, maybe not a million but a lot!  I drew myself a hot bath and soaked for a little bit and got out to fix me something to eat and ice my knees.  I ate while I iced.

Pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and some peas.

I needed a snack just a tiny bit later.  These red grapes did just the job.

Just three short hours later I was starving again.  I guess my body is screaming for the >1300 calories I burned today.  So I ate some tomato bisque topped with lots of herbs and some parmesan cheese.  I loved eating it out of a mug.

Mmmm… great soup for a chilly day and a post-recovery run.

I just got home from Community Group and am a little hungry so I might have saltine, peanut butter sandwich.  🙂  Can’t wait to go grocery shopping tomorrow!  YEEEE!!  And I find out if I get to wear my contacts again and leave the glasses aside.   And… I go pick up my race packet for Saturday! It’s going to be a laid back, busy, fun-filled weekend for us!  Stay tuned!

Do you run or workout to music?


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  1. Good for you! I can not even imagine running 17 miles! Music doesn’t help me. The best thing to keep me going is a partner. Their pace challenges me. The conversation distracts me. If I run by myself I find that I flake out too soon. Although some Beyonce would make me run faster I bet. 🙂

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