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    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Today marks the first day of lent.  Forty more days until Easter… where has this year gone already?

I have been thinking and praying about what I should (or if I would participate) give up for lent.  I’ve never fasted from something before and don’t feel like we need lent to fast from something but this was the first year that I felt convicted about fasting from something I truly loved. I want to have a hunger for something so much that it makes me turn to Jesus to satisfy that hunger.  But let me get to the rest of my day before I fill you in on what I’m giving up for lent.

I started off with a bowl of Kashi H2H for breakfast.  I love Kashi so much and can’t wait to start branching out with all of their other products… not just cereal.

Lunch was eaten super late today!  Not until almost 3 in the afternoon because we were that busy at work today!

Half a chicken ceasar wrap and another half ham.  Side of coleslaw.  Ate maybe 5 potato chips.  I’m trying to get back in the swing of things with eating!!!

No snack because it was already 3 by the time lunch was consumed so I headed over to church right afterwards for a meeting and blew my day of eating completely!  They had several desserts leftover from another meeting that was held tonight and was letting us take whatever we wanted.  The hubs picked up frosted cookies and a bowl full of peanut M&M’s and I picked up some mini cupcakes.  I had a few pieces of the M&M’s and it all went downhill when he left the bowl in the car with me for our drive home.  I ate more than 2 handfuls, I’m sure of it and ugh!  Frustrating.  We ended up stopping at Bazo’s Fresh Mexican Grill for a quick dinner and I ordered a small chicken taco and small queso with chips.

Which brings me to now.  When in the shower, I was talking with Chad and decided that I needed to give up dessert/sweets for lent.  I’m sure this is a popular one out there to give up but desserts/sweets really is a pit for me.  I can’t seem to resist them as hard as I try and I feel like sometimes I idolize desserts/sweets because I devote so much time to thinking about them and eating them. Does this make sense?  So I told Chad to help keep me accountable because I really do want to stick to my conviction and devote my hunger for sweets to satisfying my hunger and need for the Lord.  So help keep me accountable blog.  Any words of encouragement are appreciated!  I’m already doubting myself that I can even do this!!  Forty days is a long time at this moment but in the grand scheme of things, I know it’s a blink of an eye.  So here I go!  No sweets for me until Easter!! (Disclaimer: I will be eating craisins and chocolate covered plums in my trail mix during this time so I can keep up my good snacking but it will not be an everyday thing!)

Oh, I didn’t get my run in because of the spur of the moment meeting.  Here’s to hoping I’ll get to get an easy run in before my long 15 mile run this weekend.  This week has been a completely ‘off’ sort of week!!  Weird!

Question of the Day: Are you giving up anything for lent?


3 Responses

  1. Giving up sweets would be easy for me – I don’t have a big sweet tooth! Now cheese, that would be hard!!

  2. I too am giving up sweets. But, not just for dietary reasons. I love sweets, they sometimes amaze me and I crave them. My pastor preached on Sunday that we should save our best praise for God. I praise sweets way too much. I’ve already seen the desire come and the opportunity to praise God instead of eating those sweets – even dark chocolate or white chocolate peanut butter!

    • I agree completel. Nor am I giving up sweets for dietary reasons. I’ve been convicted of giving too much attention and praise to this small temporary material thing. Way too much of myself loves this thing and I find myself talking about sweets, praising them and looking forward to them far more than praising, talking about, looking forward to my relationship with Christ. I’m anxious to see how my life changes from this sacrifice. Not physically but mentally and spiritually. P.S. Do you attend Sojourn?

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