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    I absolutely love to eat and enjoy great food but doing it all in moderation. You'll see healthy, organic foods on here frequently but you'll also run into things such as pizza and sweets. I believe you can have it all... just not all at once.

    I'm always learning and discovering new foods, recipes, workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards becoming my healthiest self.

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Perfect Snow Dinner

This is going to be a quick post because I’m pooped and I’ve tried to ward off all afternoon and I think it’s starting to make its presence very well known.

I ate a nanner for a snack today and couldn’t wait to get home for a good dinner with friends.

We had a spread of chicken tortilla soup, chili, cornbread, salsa and queso.

I had a little bowl of chili and then chicken tortilla soup and a side of queso and salsa.

I tried cornbread for the second time in my whole life (crazy, I know considering I grew up in the South) and it was sweet and good. I had two tiny pieces.

I’m satisfied with a full belly and meals are packed up for me to take to work tomorrow so it’s time for a shower, Tylenol for the headache, and my comfortable bed.

Sorry so short but I’ll see you tomorrow! Time to get rid of this ache!!!

Question of the Day: Do you have a nightly routine like packing lunch, reading before bed, hot bath, etc.?


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  1. You’re right. That *is* a perfect meal for cold weather. My husband has been working outside every day this week in the negative windchills (poor guy) and I bet he’d love to come home to a bowl of chili tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I have a 4-month old so my bedtime routine pretty much revolves around her. I usually take a shower and wash my hair (to save time blow drying in the morning), get her and I in our jammies, make a cup of hot tea and settle in the recliner to feed her and watch TV with the husband.

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