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Sore Snow Walk

Sunday’s are usually laid back rest days for the hubs and I. I woke up to the hubs bringing me breakfast in bed. Have I mentioned what an amazing husband I have? Yup, pretty amazing. He made muffins yesterday and I hadn’t eaten any yet so he brought me two muffins and slices of a banana. The creativity got him extra points. 🙂  P.S. You’ll have to look sideways.

Chad and I ate our leftovers from last night’s Seviche date. And they were just as scrumptious as they were last night. I love some good leftovers! Chad even plated mine to look just as pretty as it did when they served it to me at the restaurant.

I was surprised when he asked if I wanted to go on a walk to St. James Court today after lunch. Of course I said yes! I love walking to St. James Court. I think it’s officially my favorite housing section of Louisville. These houses have been around for well over a hundred years and I’d love to own one someday. We take frequent walks to this sweet little place several nights a week during the spring, summer and fall but not usually during the winter time, especially when there are several inches of snow on the ground. We happily got all bundled up and set out to walk. We ended up walking for well over an hour and half. And boy was it cold out there but I enjoyed being with Chad. I think it was great for my muscles to get worked out some more because I woke up super sore from my 5 mile run yesterday. We got to St. James Court and Chad said that he had a surprise for me! A surprise? I love surprises! The hubs pulled out a large thermos of hot chocolate. Sneaky sneaky. I knew he had something in his back pack but I didn’t know what it was. I was pleasantly surprised with hot chocolate. He even brought two styrofoam cups so we could each enjoy. So thoughtful.

Starting out on our walk.

The University of Louisville sign right across from our loft.

St. James Court!!!

My surprise hot chocolate!

It burned my mouth so I had to think of a way to cool it off a little.

He’s all mine.

We love Old Louisville.

Alright, I haven’t worn pigtails in about 10 years and I’m wearing my Timberland shoes I’ve had since the 8th grade! I love those shoes. They are perfect for the snow!! How have I been able to have shoes that long?! Crazy.

Once we got home it was almost time to get ready for church. I got a hot shower and took a 20 minute nap while I waited for my hair to air dry a little. I love those tiny little cat naps at the most random times.

And now we’re home from church. I ate a simple salad for dinner but didn’t take a picture. It wasn’t that exciting anyway. I did capture a picture of this tiny little Crunch bar I had for my sweet treat. Too tiny and cute!

I have a three mile run to get in after work tomorrow.  The great thing is, one of my nursing friends text me a little while ago and asked if we could do the run together.  YES!  All about it!  So I’ll have a running buddy tomorrow.  Can’t wait!  Hopefully it’ll work out more of this soreness I’m feeling.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  The work week begins tomorrow.  Back to it!  See you all tomorrow!!

P.S. The hubs ate all of the dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts from yesterday in less than 24 hours.  Insane!


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  1. I cannot believe how much snow you guys have!! It was supposed to “snow” here last week–closed school and everything…. for only a few flurries. Good luck with the running… you are a trooper for getting out there in that cold cold weather!

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