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Roll Tide!

Work is completed, home on time, dinner eaten, settled into the couch to watch the Alabama championship football game- Whew. The rest of the work day pretty much flew by! Thank goodness and as you can tell, I didn’t have to stay over my shift. YAY! I made it home safely from the ice and snow. I think we ended up having about 4 inches of snow today. It’s absolutely bitter cold outside right now. Yeesh. I took a couple of pictures today from the windows at work and then when I got home from work.

Getting ready to leave work.  Brrrr.  All bundled up.

The parking lot after I got home.

I am definitely settled in for the rest of the night. It is way too cold to even think about doing anything else but snuggling up in a warm blanket and watching TV. Especially after this dinner that the hubs cooked tonight. It was a ham and cheese grilled panini and fried onion rings. My dad and his wife bought Chad and I a deep fryer for one of our Christmas presents this year and we couldn’t wait to use it. I am from the south so I do love me some fried food. Chad thought it was appropriate football game food so I couldn’t shoot him down. Fried food is an every once in a while occurrence for me so I was relishing this meal. The onion rings were delicious and I started with only a mere 5 but the hubs loaded a couple more on my plate that we needed to finish. They were small so oh well. They aren’t going to kill me. Chad thought we were out of hot chocolate so I settled with two tiny milk way’s.

Ten minutes later Chad found some hot chocolate. I declined. He’s accepting. So Chad will be a single hot chocolate guy tonight. I don’t think he’ll really notice that he’s being a hot chocolate loner because he’s way too focused on the BCS championship. We just turned on the pre-game to prep for the big kickoff. I’m thinking that he’ll watch most of it without me because I’ve got to be getting some good sleep for work tomorrow…. and then it’s no work for all weekend!!

Oh boo on this news… Chad called me at work today to inform me that he got an e-mail saying my Garmin that we ordered and got a confirmation number on is suddenly out of stock! WHAT?! I need it! But good news is, I found another one just like the one I had previously ordered and it was $20 cheaper. Alright! There’s a silver lining. Love it when that happens. It’s supposed to be here in my hands within 5 days. Can’t wait!!!

I was going over the course map for the marathon last night and training plan while freaking out a little more. I was wondering if I should just do the half marathon the first time but I don’t think I’m going to. I know I can run it, it’s just getting over this cold weather and running through the obstacles until it warms up outside. But I was at work this morning and one of our doctors asked if he could sponsor me and a few other girls that have decided to complete the half marathon. Heck yes! He’s getting us shirts made and everything.How great is that? I hate that I’m going to be splitting off from the rest of my nursing friends when they go towards the finish line for the half and I’m heading on to running the full race. At least I’ll have Chad cheering me on from the sidelines. I’ll use that as my motivation. And of course, knowing that all of you are out there reading is motivation too! I don’t want to disappoint!

Alright friends, I’m off to support the Tide!  The National Anthem was just sung, gotta go!!! Hope you all had a fantastic day whether you’re bearing the snow like me or living it up somewhere sunny! See you all tomorrow.

P.S. Look how excited Chad is…. got his Alabama shirt on and he’s ready!


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